The Windmill AC
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Temperatures are starting to climb, and we’re already thinking ahead to how we’re going to stay cool this summer. For those of us who are sans central air conditioning, a window AC unit is the perfect solution — and if you’re thinking they’re all overpriced clunky beige machines, think again: Year-old company Windmill has arrived with actually pretty units for less than $400. While they sold out super fast (like in two days) when they hit the scene last summer, Windmill’s units are relaunching on May 11 — so it’s time to grab one ASAP.

The Windmill AC

Windmill’s top-rated AC units get high marks for their power, eco-friendliness and aesthetic. They’re designed to actually keep out outside air, meaning your apartment gets cooler quicker and more efficiently. It’s also better for winter: Because there’s no porous membrane to the outdoors, you can leave this right in your window and not have to worry about moving it for the cold seasons.

For those of us with sensitive respiratory systems, the fact that Windmill’s unit blows air up instead of right in your face is another major plus. And, perhaps best of all, this is a smart air conditioner. You can control the appliance using your iPhone or Android, programming it to turn on as you get off the subway or leave work so your house is nice and cool upon your return (Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can both connect to it) — not to mention it’s relatively easy to install, with almost no preassembly required.

Windmill is also a friend to the environment; the unit is made with a refrigerant that has almost 70% less global warming potential than typical air conditioners. Yet another bonus: The company helps offset the carbon emissions of each unit sold and helps recycle clunky old air conditioners too — making disposing of your old unit one fewer thing to worry about.

Last time new models launched, they sold out in just 48 hours, so you’ll want to act quickly if you’re looking to add one to your windowsill this summer. Purchase your own unit at while you still can.