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In October, we were introduced to a plethora of products from extremely comfortable, ugly-cute slippers to game-changing body wash. Some were forgettable, while others left a lasting impression. Because we’re committed to spotlighting the best products out there, we’ve decided to curate roundups of our favorite products we try each month.

So, what were those products we loved in October? Keep reading to check out the products we tested and couldn’t get enough of, or look back at our September favorites too.

Odele Clarifying Body Wash ($8.99; target.com)

Odele Clarifying Body Wash

I was already a huge fan of Odele’s hair products, so I was thrilled when the brand launched a line of body wash this past month. I have been using the clarifying body wash for nearly three weeks, and it’s perfect! The light, invigorating scent is pleasant without being overpowering, and the formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin. — Hayley Saltzman, head of social

United By Blue 25L Convertible Carryall ($98; unitedbyblue.com)

United By Blue 25L Convertible Carryall

Now that I have this bag from sustainably minded brand United By Blue, I’m not quite sure how I lived without it. It’s frankly huge, but in a good way, and converts from a tote to a backpack and back again with straps that can easily be tucked away into their own compartment. Speaking of compartments, there are pockets galore, including a laptop pocket and roomy side pockets. To top it off, the fall-ready eggplant color is a treat for the eyes. It’s my new go-to for the gym and errands around town, and never fails to fit all my stuff. — Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

Threshold Designed With Studio McGee Boucle Throw Pillow ($22; target.com)

Threshold Designed With Studio McGee Boucle Throw Pillow

For months I have been scouring various home stores for Sherpa throw pillows that weren’t priced upward of $50 each. So I was thrilled to stumble upon the Boucle Throw Pillow from Target’s Threshold line, which is only $22 but looks extremely expensive and high-quality IRL. I purchased two in the color cream, and they blend incredibly with the rest of my living room’s neutral decor. — Stephanie Griffin, social media strategist

Kobo Sage ($259.99; kobobooks.com) & Kobo Stylus ($39.99; kobobooks.com)

Kobo Sage & Stylus

I’ve tested many e-readers here at Underscored, but there are none quite like the brand-new Kobo Sage. It boasts a crisp 8-inch screen that makes text pop, and with the Kobo Stylus (sold separately), you can easily highlight your favorite passages and scribble notes in the margins of books as well as create your own notebooks of writing or sketches. I love using this device to take notes while in work meetings during the day, then I bring it to bed to read my favorite library books at night. I’ve used it every day since I’ve gotten it, and I can see it being a great device for everyone from college students to casual readers to bookworms. — Daniel Toy, copy editor

Otherland Fallen Fir Candle ($36; otherland.com)

Otherland Fallen Fir Candle

’Tis the season to burn festive holiday candles at all hours, and I can’t wait to add this Otherland one to the mix. From the brand’s seasonal Gilded Collection, it smells just like a wintry forest, and the black exterior with gold accents looks particularly chic. — Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

Cotopaxi x Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons ($85; rei.com)

Cotopaxi x Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons

I’ve worn these slippers for just about two weeks straight now and I can’t get enough of them. Part sneaker, part slipper, the ugly-cute coloring and cozy upper make these my favorite shoes of the fall. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

Colorful Standard Sunglass 03 ($115; colorfulstandard.com)

Colorful Standard Sunglass 03

If you know me, you know that I am a sucker for a pair of cute oversized sunglasses. So it’s no surprise I instantly fell in love with this pair from Colorful Standard — which is made from plant-based materials — the second I put them on. I should note that while the color is more green than coffee-brown, the shade is still absolutely gorgeous and is hands down the perfect accessory to any of the pieces in my earthy fall wardrobe. — Stephanie Griffin, social media strategist

Marlow Pillow ($97.50; marlowpillow.com)

Marlow Pillow

Marlow, a brand-new brand from the minds behind bedding go-to Brooklinen, just launched this week, but I’ve had the chance to spend several nights with the Pillow — the company’s signature product — already. Suffice to say: I’m a Marlow convert. It provides just the right amount of support for my firmer pillow tastes, but it’s truly meant to suit every kind of sleeper. Seriously, why aren’t all pillows adjustable? — Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

Nintendo Switch OLED ($349; amazon.com and walmart.com)

Nintendo Switch OLED

I wasn’t sure I needed the Nintendo Switch OLED, but after living with it for a few weeks, it’s hard to go back to my old Switch. The gorgeous upgraded screen on Nintendo’s latest portable console really makes a big difference — not just because the blacks are deeper and the colors are bolder but also because its larger 7-inch display area is much bigger and more immersive. When you couple that with a much-improved kickstand, a matte finish that feels really great to hold and a few other useful refinements, you’ve got what is easily the best Switch yet. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

Cotopaxi x Teva Teca Cálido Jacket ($150; rei.com)

Cotopaxi x Teva Teca Càlido Jacket

Cotopaxi’s classic colorblocking gives this jacket a bold look, which I absolutely love, but this coat is so much more than an eye-catcher. It’s super warm, thanks to its recycled insulation, plus it’s reversible, has seven pockets and can even pack down into its chest pocket to the size of a water bottle. Perfect for the trails or windy fall mornings, this has been my go-to layer as the temperatures dip. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

Yana Pillow ($199; yanasleep.com)

Yana Pillow

If you have yet to add a body pillow to your bed, you’re doing sleep wrong. And Yana’s isn’t just your average long pillow; it’s an innovative U-shaped pillow that wraps around your body and contours to your curves. That’s right — a pillow that hugs you back. You haven’t known comfort until you’ve enjoyed a peaceful slumber wrapped up in a Yana. — Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

Jambys Cabernet House Hoodie ($79; jambys.com)

Jambys Cabernet House Hoodie

When my favorite unisex loungewear brand launched its new Cabernet line, I had to get my hands on it. I have been wearing the hoodie almost every single day, whether I work from home or run errands; it is so comfortable and cozy. I love that the material is lightweight but still provides a layer of warmth on colder fall days. Oh, and not to state the obvious, but it’d look fantastic with a nice big glass of cabernet in hand. Did someone say the perfect Christmas gift?! — Stephanie Griffin, social media strategist

54 Thrones African Beauty Butter ($24; sephora.com)

54 Thrones African Beauty Butter

This month, the 54 Thrones African Beauty Butter gave all my moisturizers a run for their money. What I loved about this product was not only the deep moisture but the sheen finish that was left on my skin. Made with shea butter, baobab and jojoba oil, this moisturizer keeps my skin moisturized throughout the day, and that’s important, especially in this chilly season. My expectations are now heightened when it comes to moisturizers, thanks to 54 Thrones. If the product does not leave me moisturized with a sheen, I don’t want it! — Sarai Thompson, social media coordinator

Glossier Monochromes ($22; glossier.com)

Glossier Monochromes

I’m already a Glossier devotee, but the minimalist makeup brand’s latest launch and first eye shadow palette is even more than I could have hoped for. With Monochrome, you’re getting three coordinated shades in a refillable case for just $22. Choose from 10 trios in neutral, wear-anywhere hues. (Teak, a rich orangey brown, is my favorite for fall fits.) — Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair ($299.99; yeti.com)

Yeti Trailhead Camp Chair

This camp chair from Yeti is quite big and heavy, so I wouldn’t quite recommend taking it on a camping trip unless you have tons of space in your car and you don’t plan on moving it around too much. However, if it does have a semipermanent place to live like a porch, backyard or on the sidelines of your kid’s soccer game, you’re going to love this chair. It’s one of the most comfortable camp chairs I’ve ever sat in, and it even has a cup holder so you can sip on your favorite drink while you relax. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

Live Tinted Rays Copper Eye Masks ($22; livetinted.com)

Live Tinted Rays Copper Eye Masks

I recently attended a wedding where I only got three to four hours of sleep before having to catch a flight the next morning (oops!). But luckily I had a pair of Live Tinted’s Rays Copper Eye Masks on hand to help fix the very dark circles under my eyes. Not only was it the form of self-care I needed, but they helped pump the hydration back into my skin, resulting in smooth, glowy under-eyes. Highly recommend! — Stephanie Griffin, social media strategist

Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed ($299.99; yeti.com)

Yeti Trailhead Dog Bed

Three hundred dollars is a lot to spend on a dog bed, but if there’s one bed I would spend that money on, it’s the Trailhead Dog Bed from Yeti. Built with thick, durable materials, including a waterproof bottom, this doggy mattress is actually two beds in one. You can separate the inner pillow and take it as a travel bed or leave it inserted to give your pup some extra cushion. We took the insert out and put it in our dog’s crate and left the outer bed lying around so she has an extra spot to rest when she doesn’t want to be confined. It’s safe to say she loves the beds since the only time she’ll leave is to eat or go outside. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum ($388.99; amazon.com)

iRobot Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum

I’ve wanted a robot vacuum for years, and when this beauty finally went on sale, I snagged it. I love that it cleans under and around my furniture and moves between hardwood floors and rugs with ease. You can use the app to set it to run while you’re out of the house, which I recommend because it’s pretty loud, and by the time you come back you’ve got perfectly clean floors. — Delaney Strunk, programming editor

MacBook Pro 14-Inch (starting at $1,999; apple.com and amazon.com)

MacBook Pro 14-inch

The new 14-inch MacBook Pro reminds me of my old college MacBook in all the right ways. It has plenty of ports for accessories and monitors, packs a great keyboard that ditches the awful Touch Bar and brings back the beloved MagSafe charger that’s easy to detach should someone trip on the wire. It’s also just about the fastest laptop I’ve ever touched (thanks to the ridiculously fast M1 Pro processor packed inside), it has a gorgeous Liquid Retina XDR display and it features a camera that’s better than most dedicated webcams I’ve tested. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

Whoop 4.0 (starting at $18 per month; join.whoop.com)

Whoop 4.0

I’ve used the Whoop strap fitness tracker on and off for quite a while now, and I love the multitude of data and insights you get into your body and health. With the new Whoop 4.0, you’re able to see even more information, including blood oxygen levels and skin temperature, along with many little upgrades that make using the 4.0 much better than the 3.0. It’s smaller, has a waterproof battery pack and is able to wake you with a haptic alarm once you reach your sleep goal for the night. — Kai Burkhardt, associate editor

Nest Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Candle ($39.50; amazon.com)

Nest Fragrances Pumpkin Chai Candle

While I’m a Bath & Body Works candle fan, I’m convinced that this pumpkin chai candle from Nest is truly the perfect fall candle. I have been burning this candle all month, and I can’t get enough of it. You have to really like pumpkiny scents to appreciate this candle, but if you do, it’s hands down the best one I’ve tried. — Hayley Saltzman, head of social

Lucky Brand Uni-Fit High-Rise Skinny Jeans ($69.30; luckybrand.com)

Lucky Brand Uni-Fit High Rise Skinny Jeans

I tried the Lucky Brand’s Uni-Fit High-Rise Skinny Jean, and at first I was skeptical that the jeans would be a perfect fit for my body. Since high school, I’ve struggled with finding the right pair of jeans that hug around my waist and don’t give me a box-like shape. I was shocked! These jeans comfortably hugged my waist, and the stretchy material added an extra level of mobility that some form-fitting jeans don’t provide. — Sarai Thompson, social media coordinator

Surface Laptop Studio (starting at $1,599; microsoft.com and bestbuy.com)

Surface Laptop Studio

I’ve used just about all of Microsoft’s recent Surface devices, and none have impressed me quite like the Surface Laptop Studio. This machine is one of the best takes on the 2-in-1 laptop I’ve ever used, with a unique hinge that allows it to elegantly switch between a laptop, a drawing tablet and a stand-up display for presentations and Netflix. The notebook’s dedicated Nvidia RTX graphics chip makes it especially ideal for intense visual tasks and some light gaming, and its keyboard is just a delight to use. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

P448 Skate High-Top Sneaker ($298; nordstrom.com)

P448 Skate High Top Sneaker

I didn’t consider myself a “fancy sneaker” person, and then I got these P448 high-tops. Considering I have worn them every single day since I first got them, I am going to go ahead and say they’re worth the admittedly steep price tag. Not only are these shoes exceptionally comfortable, thanks to a super-cushiony sole, but they’re stylish enough that I can dress them up and wear them with a dress or throw them on to run errands (and trust me, I have).

I love the small details like the Sherpa tongue and metallic glitter label, which make the shoes fun without being too trendy (they’re still just classic white sneakers). The zip side on these is another major selling point for me — if you hate lacing up boots and high-tops, just grab these and zip them on! I’m obsessed. — Hayley Saltzman, head of social