In January, we were introduced to a plethora of products from cozy boots to game-changing body serum. Some were forgettable, while others left a lasting impression. Because we’re committed to spotlighting the best products out there, we’ve decided to curate roundups of our favorite products we try each month.

So, what were those products we loved in January? Keep reading to check out the products we tested and couldn’t get enough of, or look back at our 2021 favorites too.

Birthdate The Survive Mercury Retrograde Candle

$48 $42 at Birthdate

Have the past few weeks felt…off for you? To say the least? Have you forgotten to charge your AirPods before boarding a flight? Have you forgotten to set your alarm before passing out for 12 hours? Have you felt like the entire universe was strategically working against you? You can blame Mercury retrograde for all that. And as someone who has felt literally cursed since Jan. 14, this candle from Birthdate has helped remind me that this will all be over soon and I will stop suffering shortly. It also smells extremely calming, which is all I need until Feb. 3 when this is all over. — Rachel Lubitz, senior editor

Comrad Cozy Compression Socks

$32 at Comrad

Comrad Cozy Compression Socks

During the winter, I simply refuse to wear anything that won’t keep me warm; Sherpa zip-ups, wool beanies, fur Ugg boots and, of course, fuzzy socks. I especially love this pair because I quite literally feel like I am floating on a cloud every time they’re on my feet, and the bright purple always makes me feel a little extra joyful on gloomy winter days. If you’re on the fence about compression socks as a whole, don’t be. These are made with the lightest level of true graduated compression support and are designed to ease any discomfort or pain without making you feel as if you’ve lost all feeling in your legs. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

Tuft & Paw Vista Perch

$199 at Tuft & Paw

My cat, Phoebe, loves to shadow me while I go about my day, which most of the time is adorable. When I have to work, however, it’s an issue. She especially loves to hop onto my desk and plop herself right between me and my screen in a not-so-subtle plea for attention. In an effort to reclaim my desk space and satisfy my daughter’s need to be involved in my every task, I installed this fluffy yet sleek cat perch from Tuft & Paw on the wall alongside my desk — it didn’t take long and came with easy-to-understand instructions. The Vista allows my feline overlord to comfortably lounge while she supervises my workday, and it’s not an eyesore for me to look at ether. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

Ugg Funkette Genuine Shearling-Lined Boot

$130 $97.50 at Nordstrom

Let me put you on to the best winter boots I’ve ever had in my life. Do I sometimes feel like Frankenstein in these? Yes. Do I care? Absolutely not, babe. The platforms keep my feet elevated from the elements. The shearling interior keeps me extremely warm (so warm that sometimes I can just wear normal socks and not feel cold at all). And the leather upper has held up perfectly well even though it’s experienced rain, sleet, snow, salt and more. I’ve worn nothing but these boots for the past month now, and not only are they incredibly comfortable, but frankly I think these Frankenstein boots are cute as hell. Plus, they’re on sale. If you live in a cold climate and want to feel like you’re basically walking around in tough-looking slippers, buy these ASAP. — Rachel Lubitz, senior editor

Logitech Pop Keys

$99.99 at Logitech

Logitech Pop Keys

I officially have a new home office keyboard. The Logitech Pop Keys is the kind of adorable, compact and clackety mechanical keyboard you’ve probably stumbled across on TikTok, but it’s more than just a trendy toy. It feels legitimately great to type on, and its programmable emoji keys and ability to pair to three devices at once make it a legitimate productivity tool. Plus, its cute pastel colors are a refreshing change of pace from the black gaming keyboards that usually dominate my desk. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin Foundation

$44 at Charlotte Tilbury

If you’re into makeup, you already know what I’m going to say about this product. What I ideally want from my foundation is that it gives me that lit-from-within glow with little effort. I want to swipe it on and look in the mirror and be like, “Wow. Look at her.” That’s exactly what this foundation does. I think the magic is in the foundation itself, which has skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid (great for drier skin like mine in the winter) and coconut extract. It makes me instantly glowy, and when used with a simple setting spray, it hardly transfers onto my mask. What more could you ask for? — Rachel Lubitz, senior editor

Nécessaire The Body Serum

$45 at Nordstrom

Necessaire The Body Serum

Every winter, like clockwork, it seems that all the moisture in my skin just evaporates into thin air. This is truly a pain, considering I’m someone who truly loathes the process of putting on body lotion. This year, though, I’ve been using Nécessaire’s Body Serum, and it’s been a serious game changer. This hyaluronic acid-packed serum is much lighter than a traditional lotion, and it absorbs super quickly so I’m never left feeling greasy. It’s become an instrumental part of my post-shower routine. — Chelsea Stone, senior editor

Snif Burning Bridges

$65 at Snif

I’m a bit of a perfume fanatic. I want to try (or at least just smell once) basically every new perfume that comes out. This month I finally tried Snif, which can send three scents for you to try and then you just pick out whatever you like to keep, for the very first time this month. I got the brand’s new Collection 3, which is full of smoky, sweet and simply delicious scents perfect for winter, and out of the bunch I fell in love with Burning Bridges. Apart from its adorable bottle (did you know brown is cool now?), the scent is smoky at first with notes of tobacco and then floral, with notes of rose and iris. It’s become my new everyday scent that I look forward to putting on every day. — Rachel Lubitz, senior editor

Totallee Hybrid MagSafe iPhone 13 Case

$39 at Amazon

Totallee Hybrid MagSafe iPhone 13 Case

I’ve probably used hundreds of iPhone cases, and this simple case from Totallee is by far my favorite. It’s incredibly functional with support from MagSafe, offers protection through a grippy bumper and lets your iPhone color shine through a clear plastic back. It’s well worth $39. — Jacob Krol, tech and electronics editor

Nécessaire The Deodorant Gel

$15 at Nordstrom

Necessaire The Deodorant Gel

I’ve been a fan of Nécessaire products since I first tried its body wash, but this new gel deodorant might be my favorite Nécessaire launch ever. As someone who can be sensitive to strong scents, I love that this deodorant is completely fragrance-free yet effective. I’m also a big fan of the gel formula, which applies easily with a rollerball applicator. This deodorant contains 5% alpha hydroxy acid, which is supposed to minimize bumps, and I do think I’ve noticed smoother underarms since I first started using it. — Hayley Saltzman, head of social

Logitech Litra Glow

$59.99 at Logitech

Logitech Litra Glow

The Logitech Litra Glow solves a problem I’ve always had with ring lights: They’re just too damn big. This handy, compact light clips right to the top of my monitor, giving me an easy way to look more vibrant and true to life on camera whether I’m streaming on Twitch or hopping on a video call. I especially love how it integrates with my Logitech gaming keyboard, which allows me to adjust the brightness and color temperature with a single keystroke. — Mike Andronico, senior tech writer

Keychron Q2 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard

$179 $169 at Keychron

Keychron Q2 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard

The Keychron Q2 QMK custom mechanical keyboard has been a standout in our mechanical keyboard testing, and it’s one of the quietest and most comfortable models we’ve tried. It brings the luxurious fit and finish of pricey custom and group-buy keyboards to a less stratospheric price point, and you can order it with a very nice stock setup or with your choice of switches and keycaps — or just pick up the bare frame to build whatever you like. — Michael Berk, senior section editor, product testing

IGK Direct Flight Multi-Tasking Dry Shampoo

$29 at Sephora

IGK Direct Flight Multi-Tasking Dry Shampoo

I know next to nothing when it comes to hair care-related products, so when my colorist (hi, Stephanie!) tells me to try something, I try it. My hair goal in 2022 is to be more mindful of how often I wash my hair in an effort to preserve my color and grow my hair, and this oil-absorbing dry shampoo has become my holy grail on greasy hair days. Turmeric and charcoal powder are the product’s key ingredients and they work together to lift up any dirt or buildup without leaving my hair with a powdery white residue that many dry shampoos on the market are known for. My hair looks volumized, refreshed and revived when I use this product, and now I actually look forward to those no-wash wash days. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

Pepper Seamless Bikini

$16 at Pepper

Pepper Seamless Bikini

It took nearly 32 years, but I am confident in saying that I finally found the most comfortable underwear of all time. Pepper’s seamless bikini underwear is so comfortable that I don’t even notice I’m wearing anything, and unlike other seamless, thin underwear I’ve tried, it doesn’t move around at all throughout the day. I also tried the seamless thong and the Mesh All You Bikini, and I can confirm that every style is super comfortable and durable. — Hayley Saltzman, head of social

Mutha Body Butter

$95 at Mutha

Mutha Body Butter

The cold weather, in combination with my Accutane prescription (a very harsh acne drug that strips your skin of oil, yay!), has wreaked absolute havoc on my skin. It’s chapped, itchy and all-around uncomfortable, and I’ve found it nearly impossible to keep hydrated no matter how much moisturizer I use or how often I apply it — until I tried this Gwyneth Paltrow-approved, super-luxe body butter. It’s a velvety soft, whipped trifecta of shea, cocoa and mango butters and literally melts into my skin, leaving it intensely hydrated and smelling subtly of citrus. I apply the product before bed, after using the brand’s Body Oil and Contour Serum, and it stays on long enough that I don’t need to reapply until the next night. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

Paper Shoot Paper Camera

$120 at Paper Shoot

I love that this Paper Shoot camera is eco-friendly and thin so I can always bring it with me to take film photos instead of a bulky camera! It’s also really easy to see the photos. You just plug the camera into your computer instead of paying to develop them. — Hannah Lauson, TikTok strategist

Curie Clay Detox Mask

$16 at Curie

Curie Clay Detox Mask

With the weather often being below 30 degrees Fahrenheit in New York City, I’ve spent my time at home staying warm and showing myself a little extra TLC with a detailed skin care routine. This Curie Clay Detox Mask is the highlight of my new winter regime. I use it on my face to remove blackheads and — get this — it even works to detoxify your armpits. I’ve transitioned to using an all-natural deodorant, and I would highly recommend this product before making the switch. — Sarai Thompson, social coordinator

Spanx OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short

$78 at Spanx

Spanx OnCore High-Waisted Mid-Thigh Short

I tried Spanx’s bestselling shapewear shorts on a whim, when I was tasked with filming a “shapewear test” for Underscored’s TikTok account, and after experiencing their magical powers (emphasis on magical!) firsthand, I couldn’t not wear them to a wedding I was attending a few days later. I wore a skintight black gown and these shorts, which were so comfy they felt like a second skin and made my stomach look flat and curvy in all the right places — which was a nearly impossible task, considering all of the espresso martinis and fries I had consumed the night before. I also loved that they stayed put and never rolled (despite lots of dancing) and even featured a double-gusset opening for, ya know, when nature calls. I now understand the Spanx hype and will never go without these underneath a skintight outfit again. — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

BenchMade Modern Skinny Fat Sofa

$4,122 From $3,504 at BenchMade Modern

My boyfriend and I were ballin’ on a budget when we first moved in together two years ago, and the result was a very uncomfortable (and very fugly) velvet gray futon from Amazon. So when it finally came time to say goodbye to our futon and upgrade to a sofa that we actually wanted to watch TV or take a power nap on, we turned to BenchMade Modern — and the process couldn’t have been easier. We were able to work with the brand to customize our sofa from everything to the size (we went with 85 inches), the color (we went with Marfa Sugar Cookie), the cushions (we went with deep cushions for extra support) and lastly, the legs (we went with stained walnut). Also, the delivery process took less than a month, and once the sofa arrived, it was delivered and unboxed right in our office. We didn’t have to lift a finger! Ultimately, there are options for everyone and every style, and it’s absolutely worth the investment — we can’t get enough of ours! — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist

Billie Whipped Shave Cream

$8 at Billie

Billie Whipped Shave Cream

I have *exclusively* used the Billie razor for years now (it also happens to be rated our No. 1 razor of 2021), so I had really high hopes upon trying the brand’s new Whipped Shave Cream. It’s a soft-whipped texture that smells subtly of lavender and citrus, and is infused with ultra-hydrating ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera, which helps lock in moisture and soothe skin. As someone who rarely ever uses shaving cream due to super-sensitive skin, I was pleasantly surprised by the results; I wasn’t left dry, irritated or itchy, and my legs felt the smoothest they’ve ever been. This has officially become a skin care staple of mine, and I truly don’t know how I’ve ever lived without it! — Stephanie Griffin, senior digital content strategist