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We’ve already tried machine-washable rugs from Ruggable, which make the frantic scrubbing of stains and expensive professional rug cleaners a thing of the past. While we’ve been enamored of late with the Keith Haring collection, the company’s gone and launched another great collection that’s perfect for this time of year.

It’s a line of shag rugs that’s perfect for burying toes into on cold winter mornings — and just like the rest of the company’s offerings, all of them are machine-washable. I tested out one of the shags for myself before putting it in the wash for another kind of spin (cycle).

Ruggable just launched a line of machine-washable shag rugs, available in four colors: Antique Ivory, Egret White, Light Grey and Soft Pink.

The rundown: How to install your shag

In case you missed it, Ruggable is a two-piece rug system that consists of a nonslip pad and a rug cover that attaches to the base. The rug pad is made from 95% recycled polyester and has a grippy bottom so it doesn’t slide around; it’s also available in classic and cushioned versions. Meanwhile, the top has a Velcro-like material to keep the rug in place atop the rug pad.

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When there’s a spill, you detach the cover and throw it in the wash, and it’ll come out looking good as new — perfect for those living with kids or pets. Plus, if you live alone (or not!) and have wrestled with a large, heavy rug, this is a whole new world of ease. (It also makes it super easy to update your decor.)

Thus far, the rugs we’ve tried from the company have all been flatweave and lightweight, or a lighter plush, which makes them easy to clean — but because of their low piles, they don’t quite give you that decadent sink-your-bare-feet-into-a-pile-of-fluff feeling.

That is, until the debut of the shag rugs.

I unboxed a gray version in the 3-foot-by-5-foot size, laying it out on a bathroom floor in front of a vanity. Just like the original versions, our Ruggable came rolled up in a big box, with the rug as the outer layer and the (cushioned) pad tucked inside. All I needed to do was take it out of the box (these rugs are truly so light), separate the two pieces, then lay them down on the floor.

The lowdown: A cozy rug that cleans up nice

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Lining up the top cover onto the bottom pad requires patience and care, particularly when aligning the edges so one doesn’t overlap (or underlap) the other. I unrolled the pad and then walked on it a bit to flatten it before unrolling the rug, which was small enough that we just shook it out like a bedsheet and placed it on the pad, then smoothed it out by hand. (If you need some visuals, Ruggable has an instructional video to help you get your rug in the perfect position.)

My first impression: The shag is super plush and cuddly. It feels downright luxurious to step from a cozy bed to a plush shag with a nice springy pad underneath.

But like most things in the home, this rug is bound to get dirty between hair products, the occasional makeup spill and wet feet, in my home at least, which is why I was curious to see how the washable USP held up with a higher, plusher pile.

The washing process is actually the same as the original rug: All you have to do is separate the cover from the pad, throw it in the washer with a mild, non-bleach detergent and run it on delicate with cold water. It can also go right into the dryer — just tumble dry on low.

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The brand promised we’d see little change to the texture after 10-plus washes, and that shedding would be minimal. I’m pleased to report after several (not quite 10) washes, things are going well. The cover fit easily into our washing machine — though the larger sizes might be a tight fit in a smaller washer — and a glob of foundation stuck on the edge came right out. The plush was matted down when the cover was wet, but after a heatless spin through the dryer, it fluffed right up.

Also great: The shag didn’t shed at all (no fuzz was detected on socks), but unlike the flatweave rug, vacuuming this style is an exercise in futility. Don’t even try: The fibers are so long they’ll get tangled in the vacuum, and that’s a whole mess no one wants.

The bottom line: Easy-to-maintain luxury at your feet

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These washable shag rugs are game changers for anyone who wants the look and feel of luxury at a reasonable price and major ease of use. I love my vanity rug to keep my feet warm on cold mornings, and I could see a larger size being downright dreamy in a child’s room to create a soft play space or to add a luxe vibe to an adult bedroom.