ruggable marvel lead.jpg

The Marvel universe continues to expand, but it’s doing so in one way we didn’t expect: a new rug collection that’s all about adding a little decor superpower to any room.

The new rugs include designs tha are emblazoned with design-driven takes on Marvel characters — think Spider-Man, Black Panther, Iron Man and Captain America. The collection includes 28 different versions in terms of both sizing and designs; there are 10 different sizes of chenille rugs, from 2-foot-by-3-foot rectangles to 8-foot rounds.


If you’re not familiar with Ruggable, the company’s rugs come with both a cover and a pad. It’s great for kids’ rooms that tend to see a little more mess, spills and dirt than usual: The rugs can be washed super easily (they fit in a standard washing machine) while resisting spills, stains, dust and dirt. Plus, the construction of the rug, comprising a cover and pad, means that not only are the rugs nonslip, but you can also update the rugs with different covers as you wish (or steal the pad to repurpose in another room of the house).

Shop the Marvel x Ruggable collection, which starts at $99, now over at Ruggable’s site.