Tiny Cast Iron Always Pan

Our Place has been dropping new kitchen products one after the other lately, and this week is no exception. Three new additions for your cooking cabinet have just dropped, and they’re all about expanding the limits of what you can do in the kitchen.

First up is the tiny version of one of Our Place’s summer releases, the Always Cast-Iron Pan. The 6.5-inch diameter pan is perfect for people living alone or in twos (or if you want a smaller cast-iron pan for the stovetop while the other is in the oven).

For those of us with dreams of deep-frying but fears of fire, there’s the new Fearless Fry add-on, which is designed to keep splatter from reaching the countertop (or bare skin) when you’re frying with the brand’s regular-sized Perfect Pots and Always Pans.

Finally, there’s the brand’s new container collection, a trio of lidded, stackable glass containers that can freeze sauces, store snacks and more. They come in amber, teal or clear glass so you can color-coordinate or mix and match. The sets ship in early October and are available in three- or six-piece sets.

Shop all three pieces now over at Our Place and get in the mood for some autumnal cooking sessions.