our place fry deck lead.jpg

Our Place has been branching out beyond the Instagram-famous Always Pan and larger counterpart the Perfect Pot, broadening its lineup to include gorgeous cutting boards and super-sharp knives that feel great in the hand and a tahdig trio. Now it’s adding one more apparatus to the lineup that looks to be equally handy.

The cookware company just launched a fry deck that should make cooking perfectly golden, crispy treats at home as easy as it can be (and it’s perfect if you don’t have the counter space for an air fryer).

Our Place's Fry Deck attachment fits perfectly upon the Always Pan and Perfect Pot, allowing excess oil to drip back into the pan while whatever you've fried up stays warm atop the fry deck.

It attaches perfectly to your existing Always Pan or Perfect Pot, giving perfectly crispy fried chicken, veggie tempura and more a place to rest (it’s way better than just setting things on a paper towel, trust). It comes in colors that match perfectly too: Right now you can purchase it in Sage, Char, Steam, Spice and Blue Salt.

Our Place launches tend to go fast, so shop it before it sells out at Our Place.