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Safe to say we’ve started to pay a little closer attention to our pots, pans and bakeware during this year of cooking at home, and it seems we might have to find a little more room in our cupboards now: Made In cookware just dropped a brand-new porcelain bakeware collection, and not only is it incredibly pretty, it’s just as well crafted as the rest of Made In’s line. (Hint, hint: This would make a great Mother’s Day present for any moms out there who cook.)

Each piece of Made In’s bakeware is made in a small town in France’s Loire Valley that’s built an industry around porcelain manufacture — and the people behind this bakeware use a 202-year-old recipe to make all the bakeware from scratch right on site. Porcelain might seem delicate, but it’s actually incredibly strong and perfect for use in baking: The process behind these dishes ensures they’re thermal-shock resistant (so they can go from oven to freezer no problem), oven-safe up to 650 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher- and microwave-safe too.

And did we mention how gorgeous these pieces are? There are a few different colorways to choose from: a classic white with either a red or navy rim, and a limited-edition floral pattern designed by Coco Shinomiya, an L.A.-based artist who’s friends with the bakeware’s developing and designing collaborator, Chef Nancy Silverton.

Each colorway comes in the same three shapes — oval, rectangular and square — or you can bundle all three of them for $189 in the versatile red- and blue-rimmed colorways or $269 for the floral pattern. Here’s a breakdown of each dish in the line:

Rectangular Baking Dish in Red Rim ($79;

Rectangular Baking Dish in Red Rim

The rectangular baking dish comes in the standard 13 by 9 inches — perfect for a sheet cake, pan of lasagna or easy casserole on busy nights. If you opt for the floral pattern, it’s $109.

Oval Baking Dish in Blue Rim ($69;

Oval Baking Dish in Blue Rim

The oval baking dish clocks in at 10 by 5.5 inches, and it’s fantastic for pasta bakes, gratins or a spring ratatouille. With a capacity of 2.4 quarts, it’s a super-versatile dish (especially because like every other dish in the line, it’s dishwasher-safe).

Square Baking Dish With Blue Floral Pattern ($99;

Square Baking Dish With Blue Floral Pattern

Perfect for dressing up a small pan of brownies or coffee cake, the square baking dish is a handy 8-inch-by-8-inch size for everyday dishes. If you need to reheat anything? The dish is microwave-safe, just like the rest of them.