You might think that the greatest pro surfer of all time, Kelly Slater (who has a whopping 11 World Champion Surf Titles to his name), just knows his way around the waves, but he also happens to be one of the co-founders of Outerknown, a fashion-forward surfwear brand that gets its name from the surfer slang for the other unseen side of a wave. Inspired by surf culture, Slater and creative director John Moore created the lifestyle brand with a commitment to sustainability and fair labor, and a dedication to using organic, recycled and regenerative materials. The duo’s mission is to be fully circular by 2030.

Here, Slater and Moore share their sustainable style and daily essentials.

“A friend made me a SunLife Organics Matcha at his house, so I started making it for myself and it’s become a daily habit,” says Slater. “I really like the health benefits of green tea and this one’s super high quality.”

“When I’m surfing, I need something that’s simple and designed to stay out of the way,” Slater says. “The seams are ironed together, so they feel seamless. They’re cut slimmer and a little shorter, so they don’t ever catch on your knees. Only 5% of [recycled] plastic ever makes it into something new, so it’s huge to me that these are made from recycled plastic water bottles.”

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“Manda makes good, simple products with minimal ingredients,” says Slater. “It’s a physical, reef-safe paste sunscreen, which is important because I’m in the ocean a lot. You rub it in your hands first to heat it up before you apply it so it lasts longer. I wipe my nose and face a lot — it’s kind of a thing all surfers do in the water — but this stays on for a long time, sometimes all day.”

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“This is the ideal recovery tool,” Slater says. “I can pack it when I travel, take it on a plane or on the road. It’s an essential that’s always in my bag for surf contests.”

“They’re perfect for going into winter and great for an early morning in Hawaii where I spend most of the winter,” Slater says. “I’ll top it off with an Outerknown Reimagine Cashmere Beanie, made from recycled Italian cashmere.”

“My signature style is a blend of vintage and surf-inspired pieces,” Moore says. “My go-to essentials are our Chroma Blanket Shirts worn over our Sojourn Pocket Tees with Local Straight Fit: Selvedge jeans. Or as I love to mix something old with something new, I’ll wear our shirts and tees with my vintage Levis.”

“I’m on my feet all day, so I love my comfy Nike Space Hippies,” Moore says. “I have them in three colors.”

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“I always wear my waterproof S5 Standard Issue Field Vaer Watch,” Moore says. “I love that it is affordable, has a classic aesthetic and is responsibly produced.”

“This goes with me everywhere and is always filled with coffee,” Moore says. “I wake up every morning and start my day at dawn paddling out at Breakwater in Venice down the street from my house. I also don’t leave home without our oversized Beach Towel or my Muji Recycled Paper Notebooks. I fill up two every month.”