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We’ll admit it: We’re obsessed with anything and everything Instant Pot, full stop.

Aside from its viral Instant Pot Programmable cooker (of which there are 10 iterations), the brand has also been stealing the hearts of food fanatics with a blender that can pulverize fruits, vegetables and nuts into soups, smoothies and sauces, and a sous vide that can evenly cook proteins in a water bath. We’ve even raved about a number of accessories, such as an air fryer attachment and baking trays, that can make its devices even more functional.

Since its slew of new gadgets, fans have been wondering what could possibly be the next Instant Pot product sure to revolutionize how they cook at home. The newest member of its lineup, which was just rolled out on Amazon, is the Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle ($101.24;

  • Instant Pot Zen Electric Kettle ($101.24;

Considering the brand’s dominance in the one-touch cooking space, you know its newest appliance is also going to be easy to use and completely multifunctional. While other electric kettles boil water to one temperature, the Instant Pot Electric Zen Kettle gives users the option to designate the temperature of their water.

Why is this so important? Coffee and teas all reach their optimal taste at a certain temperature (coffee for instance, is right around 205 degrees, while green tea is much lower, at around 170 degrees). Too hot, and the water can over extract the flavors, resulting in a bitter, unpleasant taste. Too cold, and the water won’t be able to fully pull out the aromas and flavors in the tea leaves or ground beans.

The Instant Pot Zen Kettle, however, can — à la Goldilocks — ensure that your H2O is just right, resulting in the best possible flavor for your herbal teas and home brewed coffee. Its precision temperature control also gives you a real-time display, so you know exactly the degree your water is at any time.


If you also use your electric tea kettle to quickly boil water for pastas instead of relying on a slow stove top (#lifehack), the Zen Kettle features a one-touch quick boil button that will automatically bring water up to 212 degrees. Other notable features include a vacuum-insulated double-wall design that can keep your water hot for up to two hours and a large capacity that’s big enough to hold 1.5 liters.

But it wouldn’t be an Instant Pot device without its core safety features and an easy-to-clean interior. Good thing this kettle has both.

While its automatic shut-off button gives you peace of mind when you’re running around the kitchen in the morning, the built-in safety mechanisms prevent the device from boiling dry or becoming overheated if you leave the device to its warm setting throughout the day. And arguably the most important fact is that the stainless-steel interior makes the kettle as easy to clean as any other Instant Pot device. Just wipe it down with a soft damp cloth, and you’re done.

Considering the Instant Pot Zen Kettle just launched, now is the perfect time to scoop up the appliance, because we’re sure it’s going to sell out in no time.

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