Instant Pot Pro Plus

Pair the Instant Pot Pro Plus to the new Instant Brands Connect app and access a library of over 1,500 smart recipes, then watch as the app operates the appliance for you.

If you didn’t think the Instant Pot multicooker, an already incredible appliance with a long list of convenient functions, could get any better, think again — Instant Brands just launched the Instant Pot Pro Plus, and it’s about to making cooking completely and honestly effortless.

When you receive your Instant Pot Pro Plus, you can pair it to the new Instant Brands Connect app and access a library of over 1,500 smart recipes to choose from. Once you select your recipe, the app will operate the appliance for you, taking you through an interactive step-by-step process that’ll help you make delicious, elevated meals without a fuss. If you have certain dietary preferences, the app will accommodate that too, searching for meals that fit your needs and directing your Instant Pot to get them ready. It’s the closet you can come to not having to do anything at all.

The new smart kitchen gadget is also customizable, and you can program your preferences within the app so the cooking process goes exactly the way you want it to. Basically, your new appliance doubles as a small kitchen assistant/sous-chef hybrid.

The Instant Pot Pro Plus itself also comes with a host of new features like delayed start, mobile monitoring and quick tips and tricks on demand to further help with the cooking process. You’ll find that the steamer on the new Instant Pot Pro Plus is quieter than older models and can be monitored from the app as well.

You can currently snag the new Instant Pot Pro Plus for $169.99 at Amazon, Instant Home and Williams-Sonoma, and you’ll find the app in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. We anticipate this to be a popular gift for the upcoming holiday season, so be sure to snag yours before stock runs low.