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Hilary Duff cannot be left alone.

As the mom of three, the “How I Met Your Father” actress says that her kids love to follow her around the house when she goes from room to room. “Even my husband [Matthew Koma] will follow me into a room when I leave to get something,” she says with a laugh. “It’s so nice to be loved, but sometimes I’m like, ‘I need a minute!’” Still, Duff is loving every second of having such a happy and full home. After her series “Younger” ended in 2021, she relocated with her family to L.A., where she recently wrapped shooting the “Lizzie McGuire” reboot. And while Duff says she misses New York every day, she also loves having space for her two dogs and eight chickens. “We have fresh eggs every day,” she says.

Aside from fresh eggs and her family, Duff says there are plenty of other things she’s currently obsessed with. Below, she lists some of her current favorite daily essentials.

“I love this hair product,” Duff says of this leave-in conditioner, detangler and heat protectant. “My hairstylists [Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri] created it and it smells so good. I keep a bottle in every room in the house because we’re always running from room to room in the mornings,” Duff says. “Don’t ask me why we can’t just get ready for school in one place! But keeping it in different rooms makes it easier, since I spray it on my hair every single day.”

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“I have the two-pound ones and I take them with me everywhere — though recently I just spend a lot of time staring at them in my trailer instead of actually using them,” Duff says. “I’m much better at working out with a trainer than on my own. Even better is when I work out with a friend who wants to do a class,” she says. “I prefer my gym time to also be my social time.”

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“I recently really got into tennis and I love the tennis skirts by Alo,” says Duff. “My husband got into it too. He recently booked us for a trip away and scheduled three tennis lessons for us during our little weekend vacation.” She adds, joking, “I was like, ‘do you want to go away with me, or do you just need a tennis partner?’”

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“These blankets are so, so soft,” Duff says of this machine-washable throw. “I also have one that’s kind of like a shawl that I keep in my trailer and my kids each have one on their beds too.”


Duff loves the moisturizing oils from this Vermont-based beauty line, which is made with all-natural ingredients and free of fillers, synthetics, artificial colors and fragrances. “I put it on my face every morning first thing when I wake up,” Duff says. “Living in California again means my skin can get really dry and this helps.”

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“I’m loving classic Reeboks again,” says Duff. “I have the low-tops, the high-tops and my son Lucca is also into them, which I think is really cute. They just look cool, they go with everything and they’re so comfortable.”

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Since moving back to L.A. from New York, Duff says they barely use the stroller, but her girls do love riding their scooters at the playground and around the driveway. “Banks rages on hers. She’s got the one with the light-up wheels and streamers on the handlebars,” she says. “Mae has one with the seat on it, so it’s adjustable. She’s almost two, so the seat will come off when she’s ready to scoot on her own.”

Like most moms, Duff has iPads for her two older children. “We’re trying not to give the kids the iPads during the week right now, which has been going surprisingly well,” she says. “Well, Banks still asks for hers a lot.” Still, Duff says they’re great for the weekends when the kids want to watch their shows or play their games.

“I got this really fancy coffee maker, but when I had Mae I neglected it and it just started collecting dust in my garage. I recently brought it out again and now I’m obsessed with making my morning oat milk lattes,” says Duff, who recently partnered with Planet Oat. “I love oat milk and literally drink it everyday, so when they came to me I was like ‘yes, of course I want to work with you!’ Also, their extra creamy oat milk just froths up so perfectly for lattes.”

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