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Everything is more fun when it’s stylish too. Cute school supplies get us excited in anticipation for back to school, and we want to share our faves with you. Here’s a list of our go-to notebooks, pens, sticky notes and more, which can even be used to jazz up your desk at home.

Colorblock Polka Dots Notebook ($16;

Color Block Polka Dots Notebook

Who said notebooks can’t be cute? Match your school supplies to one another with this notebook containing perforated pages and graph paper.

Easthill Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case ($13.99;

Easthill Big Capacity Pencil Pen Case

Forget having pens and pencils stored in endless places. This pencil case can hold up to 50 pens or 90 pencils.

Double-Ended Highlighter Pack ($12.17, originally $15.92;

 Double-Ended Highlighter Pack

Embrace the color-coder in you with these fine-tipped highlighters. We won’t say we told you so as you highlight your class notes in your own secret code.

Weekly Desk Pad ($12;

Weekly Desk Pad

With five design options, this notepad will fit any desk layout. It also doubles as a mousepad.

Clipfolio ($28;


Be prepared for work on any surface with this cute clipboard. Whether you like lots of flowers or just a few, it’s your call, as this comes in four different designs.

Tackle Box ($34;

Tackle Box

Anyone who says you can’t have it all is (respectfully) wrong. Save time looking anywhere else, as this separated box has compartments containing pencils, magnets, paper clips, sticky notes, a tear-off notepad, pushpins and more.

Flat Pouch Set ($34;

Flat Pouch Set

This set of three recycled heavyweight nylon pouches is perfect for storing all the little desk supplies like erasers and pens. The machine-washable pouch set comes in six different designs.

Writing Pencils ($15;

Writing Pencils

Anyone who prefers pens over pencils hasn’t seen these. Bright florals and chic strips are what catches our eye and definitely will keep us motivated while working on our next project or assignment.

Syitem Paper Clips, Pushpins and Binder Clip Set (starting at $4.99;

Paper Clips, Pushpins and Binder Clip Set

Bring life to a usually dull office essential. The modern set comes with a holder and is offered in pale blue, pink and rose gold.

U Brands Gel Ink Pens, 4-Pack ($4.49;

U Brands Gel Ink Pens, 4-Pack

Not only is this pen reliable, but it’s cute too. The pastel speckle-colored set doesn’t dry out quickly and lays boldly down on paper.

DesignWorks Ink Lined Journal Marble With Gold Foil ($4.99;

DesignWorks Ink Lined Journal Marble With Gold Foil

At an affordable price compared to its competitors, this journal gets the job done. Its college-ruled pages are ideal for jotting down ideas or notes for school.

0.5 Janpan Style Gel Color Journal Planner Pen ($12.99;

0.5 Janpan Style Gel Color Journal Planner Pen

Make your notes look like a rainbow with this 12-pack of gel pens. The nonslip design of the grip is suitable for writing in long durations.

Blush 1-Inch Pocket Binder ($11;

Blush 1-Inch Pocket Binder

This pocket binder looks so good that you’ll want any excuse to put papers in it. The pockets are perfect for storing notes, while the rings are tough enough to withstand tossing around and putting them into your backpack.

Sticky Notes Pads Set ($9.99;

Sticky Notes Pads Set

Sticky notes never looked so good until they were in this leopard print box. The four different sizes are ideal for any note-taking, whether in the office, at school or in your work-from-home space.

Collegiate Pouches ($32;

Collegiate Pouches

Supporting your school has never been easier. “This pouch has so much detail on it and includes so many memory opportunities for any student that attended the school,” one reviewer comments.

Annotator Highlighter Pencils ($16;

Annotator Highlighter Pencils

Don’t reach for your pencil pouch because your highlighter is already in your hand! These two-in-one pencils have highlighters in their tips where the erasers are, making studying that much simpler.

Terrace Desk Organizer ($34;

Terrace Desk Organizer

Keep everything in your workspace organized into sections with this four-part desk organizer. The sleek design brings a modern feel into whatever area you’re working in.

Mead Paper Portfolio 2-Pocket Modern Landscapes Moon ($1.79;

Paper Portfolio 2-Pocket Modern Landscapes Moon - Mead

Folders don’t have to be boring. This Mead folder will have you daydreaming of endless road trips and vacations while organizing all of your papers. With each paper you put in, you’re one step closer to that break you’ve been thinking about.

Society6 Notebooks ($11.99, originally $14.99;

Society6 Notebooks

Society6 is the hub of all things customization. Find your ideal notebook design among thousands of different prints at a reasonable price.

Society6 Acrylic Trays (starting at $20;

Society6 Acrylic Trays

Papers and desk supplies can pile up, so why not have a catchall tray? These acrylic trays are great for decoration in any room and come in three different sizes.