Rise Adjustable Base
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We all love curling up with a book in bed — or getting cozy with a little late-night Netflixing — but unless you have a mountain of pillows supporting your back and head, things can get uncomfortable after a few minutes. But Casper, one of the OG mattress-in-a-box makers, has just come up with a solution to all our problems that launches today.

The company has released a series of adjustable bases for your bed, meaning you can get your head (and even your legs) in a position that feels the most comfortable for you with the greatest of ease.

And because one option is just not enough, Casper is giving you three: The Rise Adjustable Base, the Rise Pro, and the Rise Max. Each of them offers adjustable sleep positions and a Zero Gravity position for some serious Z-catching — and some even offer way bigger perks, like massage zones, USB ports and an Anti-Snore position that might just save your relationship.

Here’s the breakdown of each type, plus the sleeping superpowers each model comes with.

Rise Adjustable Base

The intro model offers a ton of benefits for sleepers, including a frame that can adjust position at both your feet and at your head — which is fantastic for elevating your legs at the end of a long day of standing or for propping your head and shoulders up while reading or watching TV (or trying to get over a cold). If you don’t want to fuss with finding your favorite position each night (who does?), you can save it as a preset so it locks right into place the next time you crawl into bed.

Rise Pro (starting at $995; casper.com)

Rise (starting at $795; casper.com)

There are even more personalizations with this model, including the Anti-Snore position, which props up your head and chest to get rid of the airway compression that produces those delightful noises (it’s also great for those with sleep apnea). But pretty much anyone can bet behind the two-zone massage — so sinking into sleep is extra delicious — and the included USB ports, so you never have to fuss with the outlet behind the nightstand again.

Rise Max (starting at $1,695; casper.com)

The totally tricked-out Casper frame offers a bounty of features for those who take their sleep extra seriously. You get all the benefits of the previous two models — customizable sleep positions, plus Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore settings and USB ports — as well as some upgraded ones and other fantastic perks. There’s four-zone massage for extra relaxation, under-the-bed lighting to create a serious mood and a wall-hugging capability that allows the head section of the bed to be lifted independently so it’s always the same distance from the wall (keeping your nightstand within reach at all times).