Caraway Bakeware
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Bakers of the world who have been hoping for cake tins just as worthy of the ‘gram as the cakes themselves, your prayers have been answered. The Instagram-famous cookware brand Caraway, known for its bright colorways and its nontoxic nonstick surfaces, is taking its beloved four-piece cookware set to the next level with the introduction of a bakeware set.

Starting today, Sept. 21, Caraway is offering an 11-piece bakeware set and a five-piece bakeware set equipped with all the essentials you’ll need to start the fall baking season off right. Within the five-piece set, which currently retails for $245, you’ll find one large baking sheet, one medium baking sheet, a rectangular pan and a muffin pan. The 11-piece set, which retails for $395, takes the basics to the next level with both a large and medium baking sheet, a cooling rack, two circle pans and a loaf pan, plus the rectangular pan and muffin tin you’ll also find in the five-piece set. if you want to buy items individually, the medium and large baking set can be purchased alone, retailing for $40 and $55, respectively.

Caraway Bakeware

Naturally, Caraway didn’t skimp on its signature vibrant colors when it came to crafting the bakeware set. As of now, you can get both the 11-piece or five-piece set in Slate, Perracotta, Cream, Gray or Navy. And if storing your new bakeware is an issue for you, Caraway’s covered that too.

As with the original cookware set, Caraway provides an efficient storage system made from a sturdy cloth material that features a magnetic fastener to keep all items in place. With the 11-piece set, you’ll get two of the organizers, enough to hold all 11 pieces of bakeware while keeping them organized. The five-piece set includes one organizer. If counter space isn’t an issue, the storage containers, along with the bakeware itself, are gorgeous enough to display right out in the open, and will stack your bakeware vertically to be more space-efficient. If you prefer to keep your bakeware in your cabinet, the storage solutions ensure you will always be able to find the piece you need without adding additional clutter.

Caraway Bakeware

Last but not least, you can expect the same level of quality, durability and nonstick capabilities with the baking set that you’ve come to love in the brand’s cookware set. The nonstick surface is still made without chemicals, ensuring food slides right off your bakeware’s surface without the use of Teflon or the need for extra oils.

While we haven’t had the opportunity to use every single item included in the 11-piece set — though we’re so ready to do so ahead of Halloween treats and Thanksgiving pies — what we did try has met every level of expectation we have of Caraway. The baking sheets, which are just as versatile as they are beautiful, not only worked to cook food evenly and held up nicely in 400-degree Fahrenheit temperatures, the nonstick capabilities were superb. Any issues getting sticky or delicate food off of baking sheets is a thing of the past with these pans. After cooking salmon in the oven without any added oil or nonstick spray used on the pans, the fish slipped right off the pan without the skin sticking or the flaky flesh breaking.

The loaf pan showed similar results after 30 minutes of baking in a 350-degree Fahrenheit oven. A pumpkin bread effortlessly came out of the pan just by running a knife along the sides and flipping the pan upside down, without any pieces left behind.

Simply put, you can’t go wrong with any item from Caraway, and the brand’s new bakeware line is no exception. While $245 may be a steep starting price for some for a five-piece set, this bakeware is made to last, making it a great investment if you enjoy making sweet and savory dishes alike in your kitchen, along with picture-perfect good looks.