Brooklinen Home Fragrance

There’s nothing like a little aromatherapy to get in the right frame of mind for relaxing or sleeping. Luckily, Brooklinen has just announced a new line of home fragrances in scents that complement the restful tones of the brand’s linens and loungewear.

It’s the brand’s first-ever home fragrance collection after the launch of candles in 2016, and it includes a ton of options for making your space smell great.

In addition to eight candles in 8-ounce and votive sizes, the collection will also include two room sprays and two diffuser scents. The room sprays are formulated to freshen the room in two or three sprays, and the diffusers are designed to have 90-day lasting power.

The new fragrances include the following:

Interlude: warm amber and vanilla
Happy Hour: invigorating mandarin and orange
Restore: restful lavender and vanilla
Gather: cedarwood and sandalwood
Love Note: rose and sweet caramel
Good Intentions: basil, eucalyptus and bergamot
Rise: Himalayan salt and citrus
Bright Idea: inspiring cardamom and fresh pepper

Bundles include four-votive candle sets for cozy nights and bright days from $59, along with diffuser and candle sets in matching scents for $79. Shop all the scents now at Brooklinen’s site, and get ready for a new sensory experience.