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You don’t have to be an interior designer to recognize the effect a good area rug can have on a space. In fact, rugs do more for a space than just refresh its appearance. A good area rug can tie a room together, designate a separate area or add a layer of comfort to a hard floor. Whether you own or rent your home, an area rug is an easy upgrade that is practical, stylish and affordable.

But with the sheer number of rug options ranging in various sizes, styles and colors, selecting the right rug for your space can be daunting. Fortunately, Boutique Rugs can point you in the right direction with its top things to consider when buying an area rug. With more than 15 years of experience in the rug business and over 40,000 varieties of rugs, Boutique Rugs knows a thing or two about area rugs.

Here are six things to consider when choosing an area rug for your space.

It’s all about location

You probably already have a clear vision of where you plan to roll out your new rug — a large area rug in the center of the living room, or maybe a stylish runner down the entryway. But when it comes to location, it’s important to consider the functionality of the space. Is this a high-traffic area? Will there be potential for spilled food and messes? For these situations, Boutique Rugs recommends selecting a washable rug like the Bagamanoc Area Rug that can easily be thrown into the wash but doesn’t compromise on style.

Consider the materials

West End Area Rug

Traditional rugs made with a natural fiber like wool are often super durable and can last for years. However, with the high-quality construction comes more maintenance and care. Wool rugs also come at a higher price point, but their long-lasting quality may be worth the investment. Rugs made with synthetic fibers, on the other hand, are more cost-effective and easy to maintain. Though they aren’t made with natural materials, rugs with synthetic fibers come in a variety of styles and colors like the West End Area Rug, which still looks high-end.

Keep pile height in mind

Aylett Area Rug

How do you want the rug to feel? If you prefer the feeling of soft plush beneath your feet, Boutique Rugs suggests selecting a rug with a plush pile like the Aylett Area Rug. Plush rugs are best suited for living rooms and bedrooms, essentially areas that are less prone to high traffic, which could eventually flatten the plush fibers. If you’re planning on placing your rug in a high-traffic area, then it’s best to opt for a rug with a low pile, like a flat weave rug. These rugs are easier to keep clean and don’t mat like their plush counterparts.

Determine the size

Arguably the most daunting element when choosing an area rug for your space is the size. There is a wide variety of standard sizes, but selecting the right one depends on the size of your space and how you want the rug to play a role. If you want the rug to anchor a room, it’s important to consider the proportions — it should be large enough to act as a centerpiece but leave enough room to showcase the floor around it. You could also use a smaller rug to designate an area of the room. The Minoa Area Rug, for example, is the perfect size for a reading corner or cozy nook.

Consider the color

Imboden Outdoor Area Rug

While color is subjective, it’s essential to consider the colors of the other furnishings and decor in the room in order to select a coordinating rug. Determine whether you want your area rug to pop or if you’d prefer it to act as a neutral base. For instance, the neutral colors of the Imboden Outdoor Area Rug allow the bright furniture around it to make a statement. Boutique Rugs has options for every color and style; you can even search by color to find a rug that suits your style.

Experiment with style

Newalla Area Rug

Lastly, choose an area rug in a style you like. Most rugs represent a particular style. The Newalla Area Rug from Boutique Rugs is considered traditional, which is a tried-and-true style that suits many spaces. There are also area rugs that are more bohemian, and some that represent a modern farmhouse style. No matter which style you lean toward, as long as you keep these other considerations in mind, it’s hard to go wrong.

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