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The space under the bathroom sink is prime storage real estate, but all too often it turns into a jumbled mess of cleaning products and grooming tools because of the odd configuration of the space. Ahead, with the help of organizing experts, we’ve rounded up 21 of the best under-sink storage and organization options available for every need — from cleaning products to styling tools.

This top-rated under-sink organizer on Amazon has two tiers and a slide-out design that allows users to access items all the way in the back. It also comes in black or gray.

Maximizing space under a sink can be done in many ways, including in the choice of organizer styles, like this one that has mounted hooks on its side for hanging cleaning brushes and other small tools.

Another feature to look for in under-sink organizers are drawers with adjustable compartments, like Madesmart's two-tier organizer that has adjustable dividers to customize the space to your storage needs.

Under-sink organizing options aren't limited to drawers — open shelves are another smart way to add storage by using the vertical space under a sink.

Because every under-sink area has a different configuration to account for plumbing hardware, look for expandable shelves that can be adjusted to fit around pipes and other fixtures.

A fully enclosed organizer, like these stackable clear plastic drawers, will protect paper goods and other items from water damage while in storage.

Nonnahs Driskill, founding organizer at Get Organized Already!, loves this oversized lazy Susan with its 16-inch diameter for what she calls "that dark hole" at the back of cabinets. A turntable is a great way to maximize hard-to-reach storage spaces, making it easier to get what you need when you need it.

Lazy Susans are a go-to expert pick, and they come in many sizes to fit all sorts of spaces. Organizing expert Lisa Kron, who documents the process of organizing her small space on the site Smallish Home, says of this 12-inch turntable, "I use these everywhere." She likes the turntable for storing cleaning products under the sink to maximize storage space and make it easy to get to the product you need when you need it.

This clever divided storage bin combines the functionality of a lazy Susan — it spins! — with more traditional storage to create a perfect space for keeping personal grooming tools like brushes and hot stylers close at hand but out of sight.

Because every sink cabinet is so different, Driskill says she skips caddies and stackable shelves. "We use a good old-fashioned plastic dish tub to store cleaning supplies under the sink, if anything at all," she says. "Most people have way too many cleaning products. No caddy will solve that problem!"

Driskill says another common small-bathroom mistake people make is storing all their bathroom cleaning supplies under the bathroom sink. Instead, she suggests keeping one bottle of all-purpose cleaning spray on hand and moving other cleaning supplies out of the bathroom to open up more room under the sink for items like hair dryers that you use often.

Over-the-door organizers can provide easier access than organizers that sit on the cabinet floor.

Wall- or door-mounted holders for hair dryers are another way to use under-sink cabinet space to store items so that they're out of sight but easy to access quickly when you need them.

When buying a door-mounted organizer, be sure to measure the space to be sure that the door can close once it's installed. This slim open-top bin has an adhesive mounting that doesn't require drilling into the door to install.

Hanging bars are another way to use valuable back-of-the-door storage space under a sink.

Kron has a super-smart way to organize cleaning supplies under a sink: Command hooks designed to hold spray bottles. The hooks are secured to the wall using adhesive strips, so hardware isn't required for installation and they won't damage the cabinetry. The hooks can hold bottles up to 32 ounces, or 2.5 pounds.

Sometimes a super-basic storage bin is the solution to organizing a tricky space. This stackable storage bin is designed to nest when empty, and has soft-grip handles to make grabbing or carrying it easy. Each bin has an area that can be marked with a dry erase marker so you can label the contents.

Clear storage bins also allow for a lot of flexibility when creating storage space in an oddly configured under-sink area.

A prefabricated under-sink storage system can be a good buy, but be wary of bundled products that may leave you with one or two unusable pieces in a set.

Almost no DIY idea is more beloved by professional organizers than using a tension rod to store bottles of cleaning solution. "When it comes to organizing products," Driskill says, "the lowly tension rod steals my heart in many situations; under the sink is one of them." Simply pop the tension rod in an under-sink area and hang bottles from their trigger for tidy and easy-to-access storage.

The tension rod trick inspired this expandable storage shelf and rack. The tension spring design makes this a great choice for renters or dorm dwellers who want some extra storage space but who don't want to put holes in a wall or cabinet and risk fines.