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We wait all year to enjoy beautiful summer weather, but rarely do we enjoy the hot, sticky and sweaty feeling that comes with it. And once you’re feeling the heat, it can be hard to escape it: Bedding becomes suffocating, rooms feel like saunas and your face looks forever flushed.

Whether you’re hoping to fend off an oncoming heatwave or just find yourself uncomfortably hot all the time, we’ve gathered up products sure to help you beat the heat from dusk till dawn.

Linen sheets to help keep cool

Among the most luxe feeling we tested, the Parachute linen sheets have pleasant weight in hand and a unique texture. The Parachute sheets come in a broad range of colors and sizes, and each different piece of the bedding set is available individually for replacements or to mix and match with other fabrics.

The light and gauzy but durable Citizenry sheets are a master class in stylish rest. Woven in a mill in Portugal from French flax, these have deep pockets and an amply sized top sheet to fit on any depth of bed.

The Brooklinen sheets are soft and light, wicking away heat effectively for people who sleep warm but still regulating heat nicely in cooler climates. Simultaneously high-end and already perfectly worn in, these were delightful from the first touch.

The Simple & Opulence sheets held their own in comfort and design, with a soft feel out of the box and lovely satin-stitched piping along the edge of the top sheet. The Simple & Opulence set has the weight and hand of much more expensive sheets, but they come at nearly half the cost.

Offering the best of all worlds, the Cultiver linen sheets feel elegant straight out of the box. Their fit on the bed is impeccable, and they only got softer with repeated washings. Available in more colors than any other sheets we tested, these are sure to satisfy nearly any taste or style.

Cooling blankets

Especially cooling, Bearaby's Tree Napper is made from moisture-wicking Tencel that uses eucalyptus fiber, a material that’s naturally even cooler than linen, not to mention they're super soft.

Mix and match this irresistibly soft linen quilt with your favorite sheet set for a chic, laid-back layered look.

If you're looking for a heavily weighted cooling comforter option, the Gravity Cooling Weighted Blanket comes with a beautifully soft hotel-quality cover too.

If you’re looking for an ultracool and ultrathin blanket to carry around the house with you all the time, this is the one for you. Cool to the touch on one side with a snugglier cotton on the other, it’s thin enough that it can roll up really, really small, so it’s great for smaller apartments and storage.

This duvet is meant to wick away moisture and prevent you from overheating as you sleep. Plus, it's lightweight, it's easy to care for and it just feels super fluffy too

We’ve tried this weighted blanket for several months now and we absolutely adore it. Cool on one side and plush on the other, it’s available in 12-, 15-, 18- and 20-pound versions.

Cooling bedding

These sheets have made several Underscored editors fall head over heels. Made specifically with viscose from bamboo, these sheets are cool to the touch and even moisture-wicking.

Cooling pillows for hot sleepers come in a variety of materials like shredded foam, gels and cotton. Look for one that holds in coolness and wicks away moisture. This well-priced, high-rated foam pillow is infused with a temperature-regulating gel for a cool night’s sleep.

With cooling foam and a three-layer design meant to make it extra huggable (and who doesn’t want that?), this is one of our favorite pillows to sleep on night after night.

Not a mattress itself, but we wanted to start this section with a product that one editor thinks can actually make any mattress a cooling mattress. (Plus, mattresses are expensive, you know?) Made with cool-to-the-touch foam that you sink right into, she says this has “completely changed the way I sleep.”

With more than 8,500 reviews, this top-rated cotton mattress topper is filled with a down alternative to deliver comfort that reviewers love without heat and sweat.

Cooling fans

The Honeywell tower fan has a small footprint and sleek design, a sturdy base and eight speed settings, plus it's quiet and affordable.

This Rowenta fan had the sturdiest base and rod of the pedestal fans we tested, a clearly labeled control panel and easy-to-assemble and maintain metal grilles.

This Vornado fan is compact, sturdy and powerful, with a tiltable head and adjustable speed knob that is easy to use.

With striking design and impressive features, the Dyson is unlike any other fan we tested and is far more expensive, but it combines a fan, heater and air purifier, potentially replacing three appliances.

Smart thermostats

The Nest Learning Thermostat studies your habits and controls the temperature in your home automatically. These smarts, along with the simple interface, make it best in class.

The inexpensive Nest Thermostat has the same simple interface and straightforward remote control options as its bigger sibling, but it can't learn your routines.

If you're on a budget and live in an Alexa household, the Amazon Smart Thermostat delivers excellent performance for its low price.

Window AC units

Midea's U-shaped design makes installation a cinch and keeps the compressor outside with the window acting as a noise barrier, so it's much quieter compared to other ACs. It cooled the room not only more quickly but also more effectively, thanks to a motorized vent that automatically moves to waft cold air throughout the room.

LG's LW8016ER is a bare-bones unit and excels at performing the primary function of any AC. The 8,000 BTU AC is the perfect option for those looking for a classic, easy-to-use AC that effectively cools a room.

Cooling beauty products

With eucalyptus, green tea, algae and Irish moss extracts, this mask can help soothe inflamed or acne-prone skin. Salicylic and lactic acid also work to loosen dead skin and sebum helps to unclog pores.

Menthol adds an invigorating cooling effect to this gel cleanser that gently exfoliates and preps the skin with AHAs, red algae and sea kelp extract.

If you've got dry skin, this one's for you. Hyaluronic acid adds hydration to the skin, while the cucumber, thyme and olive oil extracts in this masque soothe skin to help it feel cooler.

If you’re not into ice itself, an ice roller is a solid second option. This gel and water roller is an Underscored favorite, and also has a number of celebrity devotees.

This cooling face mist also contains selenium, a potent antioxidant that is free of fragrance and preservatives, making it great for sensitive skin.

Sometimes all you need is a fresh spritz of water. You can keep this small spray bottle in your fridge, cooler or bag for when you need mist.

This hydrating gel stick, made with caffeine and seawater, can be kept in the fridge for an extra-cooling sensation.

Containing skin-soothing aloe and cucumber, this face and body mist calms and cools the skin while also delivering a dewy look.