bearaby tree napper hugget lead

If you think you missed the weighted blanket craze, think again. Bearaby proves that it isn’t a fleeting trend: The company has been revolutionizing the sleep industry with sustainable, anxiety-reducing blankets for years. Take the popular Bearaby Tree Napper. Since its launch, the napper has sold out 11 times. Not to mention, the similar Cotton Napper is one of our favorite weighted blankets of all time.

Now, Bearaby is re-releasing the Tree Napper in four new, nature-inspired colors to level up your in-home relaxation experience. Transform your home into a serene sanctuary, and choose from Rosewood, a calming mauve; Magnolia, a cornflower blue; the rich rust Terracotta and Willow, a cool minty green.

Bearaby's popular cooling weighted blanket is now available in four new colors: Rosewood, Magnolia, Terracotta and Willow. Matching Hugget pillows arrive on August 9.

Whichever napper (or nappers!) you pick, rest assured that they’re made with Bearaby’s beloved chunky knit and natural eucalyptus Tencel Lyocell fibers, one of the most sustainable fabrics on earth, according to the brand. These vegan and biodegradable nappers are therefore designed to be cool, breathable and moisture-wicking — perfect for summer use.

What’s more, the new Summer Collection will soon include a set of matching Huggets in the same new hues as the Tree Napper. In case you haven’t heard, Huggets are Melofoam pillow knots ranging from palm-sized to basketball-sized. The knots are huggable, squeezable and great for relieving stress.

The Huggets start at $29 and will be available for purchase on August 9. To ensure you get one, make sure to sign up on the “weight list.” As for the nappers, the Summer Collection of Tree Nappers is available now. Choose between a 15-, 20- or 25-pound blanket for your tranquil space, and secure a seasonal napper before they sell out.