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After 12 months of working from home, with vaccines getting into arms around the country and much of the vulnerable population already vaccinated, many businesses are gearing up for in-person work again.

Understandably, vaccinated or not, many of us are pretty anxious about going back to being around people all day. Before you buy anything, have a conversation with your manager or employee representative to make sure you’re heading into a healthy and clean working environment, and also check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines on the process.

We spoke with Dr. Jason E. Farley, an infectious disease-trained nurse epidemiologist and nurse practitioner in the division of infectious diseases at the Johns Hopkins Schools of Nursing and Medicine, about how you can protect yourself — and your co-workers — in our new normal.

You still need to wear personal protection equipment

“Everyone should be still wearing masks,” says Farley. “CDC recommendations for this have not changed. Obviously states are making different determinations across the country and potentially put both the worker as well as the general public at risk through those decisions.”

It’s important to evaluate your risk, Farley says, when selecting your mask.

“Depending on your personal risk, if you’re mandated to return to [the] office, you should potentially look for an N95 or KN95, or at least an N95 filter insert. They have various forms of filter that are N95-like, although they won’t provide the same level of protection,” he says.

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If you can’t get your hands on an N95 mask, then a cloth mask with a nose wire and filter, or worn over a surgical mask, definitely works too, according to the CDC.

“A second mask might also be a good idea, depending on your individual risk circumstances,” Farley says.

These 100% cotton masks are double-quilted for extra protection and would fit nicely over a surgical mask.

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If you’re not able to use or find an N95 mask, these insert filters will give you — and your co-workers — extra protection against transmitting the virus.

Have you been fully vaccinated?

Just because some people at your workplace may have been vaccinated, including you, doesn’t mean everyone has gotten a jab. Farley says it’s important to still be careful, even if you’ve had the vaccine.

“We’re not going to place any individual at greater risk because some of us have gotten vaccinated and some of us have not,” Farley says. “You definitely want to get ahead of that in your office environment, if people are coming back into that space, particularly if it’s not their choice.”

The CDC agrees, and issued new guidelines on March 8, saying on its website, “You should still take steps to protect yourself and others in many situations, like wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet apart from others and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces.”

That means stay vigilant!

Take your temperature before heading in

Farley says you should “absolutely” regularly check your temperature, adding that at Johns Hopkins, where he has been in-person since May, “I have to complete a symptom screen through an app that I must show when I arrive on campus.”

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FLTR No-Contact Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer

This contact-free forehead thermometer is a great way to check yourself and your co-workers for a fever.

If you’re the manager or boss, Farley says, “I think it’s beholden to the manager and the organizational culture to ensure that there’s communication about it and that there are standards set.”

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Yes, you still need to keep your hands clean

“The alcohol-based products work well against the virus. There’s no change there,” says Farley. “We still have to remain diligent at this point with masking, with hand hygiene, with social distancing, in addition to getting the vaccine when it’s available to you.”

And as a reminder when shopping for hand sanitizers, the CDC recommends those with at least 60% alcohol.

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If your skin is getting dry from all this washing, find the best hand creams, according to dermatologists.