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It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of all things Truff. While the brand is best known for its trio of hot sauces (which are incredible), we’ve also gotten the chance to review the brand’s pasta sauces, mayo and truffle oil as well. Basically, all the brand’s products are delicious, luxurious ways to step up even the most basic of meals.

That’s why we knew we had to get our hands on Truff’s latest launch: White Hotter. It’s an even spicier take on the fan-favorite (and perhaps our favorite), White Truffle Hot Sauce. Truff’s White Truffle Hot Sauce is the special child of the brand’s trio of hot sauces, which also include the Original Truff Hot Sauce and The Hotter Sauce.


First, a little background on how Truff’s latest launch fits into its existing product line. The Original Truff Hot Sauce and The Hotter Sauce are made from a blend of peppers, black truffles, organic agave nectar, and other spices for a rich and delicious flavor. While both are hot, they don’t pack the type of heat that hurts. Rather, it’s a complex heat that warms your mouth, and enhances the flavor of the food you’re eating. Both flavor profiles of these two sauces are pretty similar — The Hotter Sauce just has more of that heat, particularly in that initial bite.

The White Truffle Hot Sauce is a little different. Not only does it ring up at nearly double the price of Truff’s other two hot sauces, it boasts a totally next-level flavor. The main differentiator of course, is the white truffle oil, which is infused with red chili peppers. The sauce is a little more sweet, more umami, and packs more of the decadent, complex truffle taste. So we were eager to see if the hotter version of the sweet, complex sauce was able to maintain that same mouth-watering flavor.

Upon first look, the Truff White Hotter Sauce comes in the same uber-luxe packaging and that looks a lot more like perfume than hot sauce. The ingredients list is super similar to that of the White Truffle Hot Sauce as well, and the consistency is similar to other hot sauces in the Truff line.

When it comes to the flavor of the sauce, it’s definitely hotter than the White Truffle Hot Sauce. And for better or for worse, those sweet, mushroom-y flavors aren’t as prominent in this hotter version either. You’ll definitely taste a bit more of the peppers and spices — flavors that are reminiscent of The Hotter Sauce. So far, we’ve tested it on eggs and grilled chicken. And while it was delicious, we did miss a bit of the nuance of the White Truffle Hot Sauce. For this reason, we think the White Hotter Sauce might be better suited for foods that you really want to amp up, in both flavor and spice, like pizza, pasta, or fried foods. You do, however, still get a richer flavor than with The Hotter Sauce, which makes it a really luxurious option (or gift) for when you’re looking to add that little bit of indulgence to everyday food.

All in all, Truff’s White Hotter Sauce is a great addition to the brand’s stellar lineup. It’s the perfect option for those who want some of the complexity and luxury of white truffle, but don’t want a hot sauce that may be categorized as sweet. And though it’s not the most affordable hot sauce option, the packaging and overall experience makes this more than a sauce. It’s an experience — and one that’s just as enjoyable, whether you keep it to yourself, or gift it to the foodie in your life.