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There’s no shortage of products that promise to help you sleep better. We’ve covered everything from pillow sprays to satin sleep masks. We’ve written about the best pillows for every sleep position and the value of upgrading to linen bedding during the warmer months. We’ve done deep dives on white noise machines and weighted blankets. Overall, sleeping longer and better is a hot topic.

And there’s good reason people want to know more about achieving a better night of sleep. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around one-third of adults in the United States get less than the recommended amount of sleep. And this is a problem – not sleeping enough is linked to chronic diseases and conditions such as heart disease, depression and type 2 diabetes, just to name a few. A lack of sleep can also contribute to car accidents, poor performance at work and mood swings or irritability. Sleep is not a luxury – it’s an essential part of our physical and mental well-being.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some products that aim to help you sleep better and that don’t break the bank, with steep discounts of up to 74% off. So get cozy, tuck yourself in and shop these discounted products to help you achieve that perfect night of shuteye.

Yaasa ONE Mattress, Queen ($549, originally $899; stacksocial.com)

yeesa mattress

If you tend to get really hot while you sleep, or perhaps share your bed with a sweaty sleeper, consider the Yaasa ONE Mattress, Queen ($549, originally $899; stacksocial.com). It features a cooling infinity foam that aims to bring breathability to your mattress. It also has transition layers that help to support you while you sleep and a pocket coil system that contributes to the mattress’s responsiveness and durability. Plus, it’s designed to be used on any surface – no box spring necessary. Shipping is free and your purchase comes with a 10-year warranty.

Puro Down Light Gray Weighted Blanket, Small ($68.99, originally $85.99; stacksocial.com)

puro down light gray

If you find yourself stressed or anxious while you’re trying to fall asleep, a weighted blanket like the Puro Down Light Gray Weighted Blanket, Small ($68.99, originally $85.99; stacksocial.com) could help you doze off quicker. According to the American Sleep Association, there are two main ways weighted blankets work to improve sleep. The first is through nervous system changes: The deep pressure of the blanket helps activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which is known to help calm anxiety, lower heart rate and ultimately just help us chill out. The second way they work is through chemical changes. While the pressure helps release serotonin – that chemical that makes us feel good – the weight of the blankets may also feel like a hug, releasing the chemical oxytocin, which can cause feelings of warmth and happiness. The Puro blanket features small glass beads that are sewn into compartments throughout the blanket, providing an even distribution of weight that aims to help you fall asleep faster, sleep better and wake up feeling really refreshed. It’s recommended that your weighted blanket is around 10% of your body weight, and the Puro Down Light Gray Weighted Blanket is available in 7-, 10-, 12-, 15- and 20-pound options.

LectroFan White Noise Machine (Certified Refurbished) ($32, originally $59.99; stacksocial.com)


Another sleep product with some science behind it, the LectroFan White Noise Machine (Certified Refurbished) ($32, originally $59.99; stacksocial.com) is a portable white noise machine that features 10 white noise options, 10 fan sounds and seven different sleep settings. White noise helps to mask other little noises, making you less sensitive to those distracting sounds – like people talking in another room or people dropping things downstairs. While some people use it to focus or relax, it’s also a popular option for people who have trouble falling asleep. The LectroFan White Noise Machine comes with adjustable volume controls so you can personalize your levels, as well as a super compact design so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Bamboo Comfort 4-Piece Luxury Queen Sheet Set ($39.99, originally $109; stacksocial.com)

bamboo comfort set

If you’re prone to allergies, consider hypoallergenic sheets like the Bamboo Comfort 4-Piece Luxury Queen Sheet Set ($39.99, originally $109; citizengoods.com). These are made from a blend of organic bamboo fiber and microfiber, fabrics that are unlikely to set off allergies. They have an 1,800 thread count and are described as super soft and breathable, working to keep you cool at night. Plus they’re designed to be wrinkle-free and hold color after multiple washes.

Comfort In A Bag Bamboo Pillows: 2-Pack ($49.99, originally $199.95; stacksocial.com)

comfort in a bag

The Comfort In A Bag Bamboo Pillows: 2-Pack ($49.99, originally $199.95; stacksocial.com) are memory foam pillows designed to never go flat. If you can’t stand it when your pillow sinks, or if you sleep on your side and want a pillow that supports your neck, these might be a great option for you. The natural multi-layer memory foam is hypoallergenic, which can help you breathe easier while you’re sleeping.