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Peloton peeps, get ready. The new Peloton Row is finally available to order and it wants to be your gateway to this popular, super-buzzy workout. The highly anticipated Peloton rowing machine joins the other home gym equipment in the company’s arsenal like its famous (and infamous) Bike and Tread, and is set to start shipping sometime in December — right in time for the holidays.

We had a chance to see the Row for ourselves and get a personal training session from Peloton’s own charming (and buff) Adrian WIlliams, who will also be one of the main instructors teaching the upcoming rowing classes.

Ready to go full Peloton with this low-impact/full-body workout? Here’s a sneak peek into the company’s newest fitness innovation.

How to preorder the Peloton Row

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The new Peloton Row retails for $3,195 and includes delivery and setup in your home. It can be ordered online now with shipping to start in December. You’ll also have to spring for an All-Access membership to view classes and content, which will cost you an additional $44/per month.

Sturdy, Quiet and Safe: The Peloton Row lives up to its name

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Through its ups and downs in pop culture, from those cringe-worthy ads to Mr. Big’s demise, Peloton is known as a solid investment for anyone looking to upgrade their home gym. So it should come as no surprise that when the company decided to focus on crafting its first exercise rower, the brand didn’t cut corners.

The Peloton Row is sturdy. And though it’s not dainty or made to impress as a stylish piece of furniture you may display in your living room like the shiny, solid wood WaterRower, its charms lay more in function than pure form. It consists of an extremely comfy, padded seat atop a single monorail, and the entire thing measures 8 feet by 2 feet and weighs 156 pounds. The adjustable damping system is hidden under a black cover shaped like a ski boot on its side and, of course, it sports a big, beautiful 24-inch high-definition swivel screen — all the better for watching those rowing videos.

Peloton says the range height is 4 feet, 11 inches to 6 feet, 5 inches, which should be appropriate for most users, and its electronically controlled resistance means every stroke is close to silent — so if you don a pair of headphones, you can work out without bothering anyone else in your home. It also includes a bottle holder and space to put your phone.

Another design-friendly aspect is its high storability quotient. Just grab the handle-shaped end of the rower to lean it vertically against the wall. It also comes with an included anchor to make sure it stays put without becoming a danger to children or pets. And though it’s heavier than many who may ride it, I can attest that the Peloton Row was made to easily heft upright by just about anyone.

Your personalized Peloton introduction to rowing

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Peloton’s superpower rests in its ability to combine easy-to-use, well-crafted smart equipment with fun, engaging classes and content. Ask a good percentage of folks how they made it through lockdown during the pandemic and they’ll credit their favorite Peloton coach with keeping them sane — as well as in shape.

So it only makes sense that when it comes to creating engaging, helpful classes and tutorials, the company is jumping into the rowing revolution with both feet. And though it may be playing catch-up to already well-known names like Hydrow and Ergatta, which also combine unique content with well-reviewed hardware, Peloton is counting on its ability to tailor its easy-to-follow workouts to every level rider, including beginners.

Yet, in my opinion, the most inspired piece of the upcoming Row content is not the classes, which will be anchored by the usual motivational, expert instructors, but a one-two punch of live interactive, individual form feedback and post-class analytics and insights on your technique.

For instance, I may not have a rowing machine in my apartment, but I’ve used one many times in the gym. So it was with great surprise that when I climbed onto the Row, strapped my feet on with the hearty Velcro and started my first Instructed Row class, I realized I was doing it all wrong. Yes, I was lucky enough to have Williams standing there by my side, but it was the live highlights that truly informed my workout, and it showed me where my form was incorrect right on the screen as I rowed.

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The right form not only helps with posture, but it will also strengthen your stroke, which in turn promises a better workout. Hydrow has an online beginner’s guide you can look through, but the fact is, once you’re on the machine and competing with other users, there’s a good chance your form will go straight out the window. As I used the Peloton Row, I was amazed at how the personalized calibration, which is viewed as a smaller box on the upper left of the screen, would alert me to things like pulling back too quickly, leaning back too far and overreaching my arms before my legs bent back for the recovery. There’s a lot to remember!

WIlliams told me it took him several weeks to make sure he had crafted the perfect form when he learned how to instruct rowing, so I didn’t feel as badly as I might. But as I started to follow along with the correct movements, I was bummed when my class was over and I wouldn’t get a chance to improve (at least not until December!). Williams did inform me that I had excellent posture, which I will take to heart. For those who enjoy a challenge, this is also a great way to gamify your workout while you gain a sense of satisfaction as you learn.

Users will also get a detailed breakdown of their form and metrics after the class. I love this because it helps measure individual performance over time and lets you know you’re bettering yourself each time you row. Talk about positive reinforcement.

New rowing content and live classes

Peloton Row Class Selection

Though I only took one introductory class, Peloton has put a lot of time and effort into putting together a crack Row team for its content, and in addition to Williams and current instructor Matt Wilpers, new instructors include Olympic rower Alex Karwoski and USRowing Level 2 coach Ash Pryor, among others.

You can expect a variety of levels and different teaching styles as well as Guided Scenic and Live classes. Peloton also promises to include its Row Bootcamp for those who want to incorporate other genres.

Bottom line

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The Peloton Row may not be breaking ground, but for those who are ready to fully invest in this low-impact, full-body cardio workout, it ticks all the right boxes. The rower itself is solidly built, comfortable to use and simple to store for smaller spaces. But it’s the on-screen, individualized instruction and personalized feedback that truly sets it apart from its competition, allowing even complete beginners to learn, improve and, most importantly, get stronger with time.

No, not every class on the Peloton Row comes with a personal training session with Adrian Williams, but after my time on the machine, I can assure you that as much as you may appreciate it, you definitely will not need it.