underscored cleankey in action
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Door handles, checkout touchscreens, ATM buttons — these are just a few of the surfaces we interact with daily. But there are plenty of invisible microbes on these surfaces that we have no interest in touching. Fortunately, KeySmart has you covered with CLEANKEY, the keychain accessory for interacting with a variety of surfaces.

CLEANKEY ($19.99, originally $24.99; stacksocial.com) is a palm-sized gadget made from an antimicrobial copper alloy. Its purpose: pressing buttons, pulling levers, opening doors and more.

As the name implies, it takes the shape of a key. On one end is an ergonomic circular shape to hold onto, and from there extends to a straight end that you can use to push buttons and interact with touchscreens. Just don’t try it on your smartphone, as it could scratch the screen. An additional piece branches off at an angle to form a hook, which can be used to pull levers and door handles.

If you missed it, CLEANKEY is made from a copper alloy, a substance known for its ability to kill a variety of germs. And when it comes to filth you can actually see, this tool is easily cleaned with steel wool or a disinfectant wipe. And since it’s a keychain, you can easily carry it with your regular keys.

underscored cleankey

Know anyone else who’s trying to stay germ-free? You can bundle two CLEANKEYs ($37.99, originally $49.98; stacksocial.com) or even grab three for the whole family ($49.99, originally $74.97; stacksocial.com).

With the CLEANKEY ($19.99, originally $24.99; stacksocial.com) on your keychain, it can be a handy tool to add an extra layer in between you and everyday surfaces.

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