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Brightland’s Instagram-favorite olive oils, vinegars and honey have long been kitchen staples, and so it’s no surprise that its latest release delivers: Brightland just dropped Pizza Oil made from a custom blend of California olives freshly crushed with jalepeños, garlic, oregano and basil that’s meant to up the flavor profile of your favorite pies.

Given that Brightland has built a dedicated following for its quality cold-pressed olive oils (even Oprah’s obsessed and picked this set for her 2022 Favorite Things List), we had a hunch it would be good, so I set out to drizzle it atop my favorite slices and beyond.

The latest in Brightland’s line of beloved fresh olive oil, this new launch is all about the zesty pizza drizzle with a blend of California olives and jalepeños, garlic, oregano and basil. But don’t let the name limit you — it will upgrade your pizza game as well as everyday dishes like salads, roasted vegetables and eggs.

But before even officially jumping into my Brightland Pizza Oil taste test, I could see the first big difference between this new launch and all of the classic favorites: the packaging. Brightland upgraded its bottle game with the brand’s first squeeze bottle to make for an easier drizzling experience. The end result might not look as pretty as the bottles you see dominating the #brightlandoliveoil hashtag on Instagram, but you just can’t beat the convenience of a good squeeze bottle.

When it comes to taste, the oil is described by the brand as a “zesty, savory oil that is guaranteed to elevate your pizza game.” And after rigorously deploying my pizza-drizzling taste-testing responsibilities, I completely agree. This flavorful condiment adds a layer of heat without being overly hot (trust me, I’m not the bravest when it comes to spice tolerance). Instead of being overpowering with an in-your-face level of jalepeño, this oil plays the long game by striking the perfect balance of flavors. It builds depth on top of subtle green pepper heat with subtle bursts of earthy notes.

But I didn’t just stop with trying it on all of the pizzas. Yes, this oil has pizza in the name, but don’t do yourself an injustice and limit yourself. I used it for everything from dressing salad to adding excitement to simple (and what would otherwise be potentially lame) eggs.

For each plate, I started with just a dab, then I skipped the drizzle and went straight to full-on heavy drip — with ease, thanks to the bottle. My personal favorite was how it instantly transformed an easy side of roasted potatoes into a restaurant-level, complex-tasting dish, one that neither effort nor my cooking skills can take credit for, just this pizza-inspired oil and my trusty Le Creuset baking dish.

“We set out to create a product that was fun, full of flavor and brought a new layer of deliciousness to every table, and I firmly believe that our new Pizza Oil is just that,” Aishwarya Iyer, Brightland founder and CEO, tells CNN Underscored. “The perfect blend of fresh olive oil and spicy herbs, Pizza Oil has already become a pizza party staple for each and every member of our team. A generous drizzle certainly elevates the cheesy, saucy goodness we all already know and love!”

Whether you want to give your everyday dishes a twist, upgrade your pizza game or shop for an oil enthusiast in your life (hint: Mother’s Day is coming up), you can buy a bottle at Brightland. Head to Brightland and snag a bottle before it sells out. For $32, you’ll get a 12-ounce bottle and the ability to wake up any standard dish with this easy finisher.