The Cuddler

Bearaby’s best known for its sustainable, stunning weighted blankets, which don’t just look great but also work incredibly well. So well, in fact, that they’re our go-to recommendation for just about anyone looking to experience the benefits of a weighted blanket. And since launching in 2018, the brand has exploded in popularity; it’s hard to scroll through any home decor-focused Instagram without seeing its signature chunky knit style.

So it’s no surprise that when Bearaby ventures beyond weighted blankets, we just can’t get enough. Its sensory knot pillows (which launched earlier this year) are adorable, fun to squeeze and the perfect accent piece for any room in your home. And just in time for fall and cozier days ahead, Bearaby is adding a new pillow to its collection: The Cuddler.

After introducing it's first sensory knot pillows earlier this year, Bearaby has launched its latest pillow venture: a sustainably made body pillow built for snuggling.

An ergonomically designed, full-size body pillow, The Cuddler is also sustainable, super soft and, of course, aesthetically pleasing. As with The Hugget pillows, The Cuddler is made using an all-natural, plant-based sustainable rubber called Melofoam. It’s slightly springy, and provides the pillow with more structure to contour to your body. There’s a gentle weight to it (8.8 pounds, to be exact) that fans of Bearaby’s weighted blankets may appreciate, making it even better for soothing snuggles and even therapeutic benefits.

This Melofoam material is encased in a removable 100% organic cotton cover, which gives the pillow the same soft and breathable texture as the cotton weighted blankets. It’s currently available in the neutral Cloud White hue, with additional covers available in other signature Bearaby colors (Moonstone Gray, Asteroid Gray, Evening Rose and Midnight Blue) for an additional $129.

Whether you’re a side sleeper who prefers to snuggle up with a pillow, you’re in need of a pregnancy pillow or you just want a dense pillow that can support your back and joints, The Cuddler is one of the most chic-looking body pillows we’ve ever seen — though that’s no surprise coming from Bearaby. Shop the body pillow before it sells out (as Bearaby products have been known to do), and check back here for more details once we try The Cuddler for ourselves.