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A bouquet and a box of chocolates are classic Valentine’s gifts — but they’re also fleeting, unlike your affection. A subscription that reminds them of you with each delivery is a great way to say you’re in this thing for the long haul. Plus, who doesn’t like flowers and candy all year long?

From pampering to practical, these subscriptions can help make their life sweeter, cozier and more enriching. Since sharing is caring, you can expect to enjoy some of their bounty for yourself too. For more expert, creative Valentine’s ideas, see our lists for our favorite heartfelt gifts, gifts for her, gifts for him, Nordstrom gifts, gifts under $50 and top-rated Amazon gifts.

Book of the Month (starting at $49.99 for a 3-month subscription;

Book of the Month

As a cozy means of escape, reading is both fundamental and underrated. Book of the Month offers readers their pick from a curated list of titles each month, with the option to skip any time. Spring for a dual subscription to start your own private book club.

GlobeIn (starting at $33 for a 12-month subscription;


Home isn’t just where the heart is, it’s where we spend most of our time these days too. GlobeIn delivers handcrafted items from around the globe to keep your surroundings beautiful. Check out our review of it here. And as a treat, use the code SWEETIES and get a free “Love Box” when you sign up for a six-month (or longer) subscription.

UrbanStems (starting at $55 per delivery;


Step up the romantic gesture of flowers for Valentine’s Day by making it a monthly occurrence. UrbanStems offers a choice of classic, seasonal and luxe bouquets. If you’re looking for more traditional flower delivery, check out our guide here.

Plant of the Month Club ($44.99 per monthly delivery;

Plant of the Month Club

Keep their spirits in bloom — and their green thumb busy — with a fresh monthly plant delivery.

TheraBox (starting at $30.99 per month;


Self-care has practically become a second career. Give them the tools they need to succeed with an array of monthly stress busters, from bath products to activities meant to spark joy.

FaceTory Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks Subscription Box (starting at $9.52 for the first box, starting at $11.90 for each recurring;

FaceTory Handpicked Korean Sheet Masks Subscription Box

Shopping for someone seriously into skin care? This subscription sends sheet masks as well as other K-beauty goodies their way. For someone who’s always looking for new and exciting beauty products, this is the way to go.

Introvert Retreat Read, Relax & Recharge Box (starting at $36.99 for a monthly box;

Introvert Retreat Read, Relax & Recharge Box

What’s better than reading a book in the bath while sipping a hot beverage? That’s a trick question, the answer is nothing. The Read, Relax & Recharge box offers a choice of literary genres, steamy drinks and bath products to suit the individual recipient.

Tribe Beauty Box ($29.58 for the first box, $39.98 for each recurring;

Tribe Beauty Box

If whoever you’re shopping for is a bit of a makeup maven, this exciting subscription box sends five to eight full-sized makeup and skin care products their way every two months, from hot brands like Wander, Luxie, Nomad Cosmetics and more. The company says the items in each box retail for over $125.

Sock Fancy (starting at $57 for a 3-month subscription;

Sock Fancy

For a whimsy-sock lover, receiving new pairs every month is the epitome of romance. A Sock Fancy subscription is sure to make them smile.

Spiffster Tie Club (starting at $8.25 per month;

Spiffster Tie Club

Business-on-top and PJs-on-bottom is the new work uniform, which means all eyes are on the tie. Spiffster offers fresh, bold designs for bargain prices.

Scentbird (starting at $11.21 for the first box, $14.95 for each recurring;


Simple pleasures like a fresh designer fragrance can do wonders to soothe the soul. Scentbird allows subscribers access to an array of top-tier scents (both colognes and perfumes) without having to invest in a full bottle.

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Subscription (starting at $9 for a monthly box;

Simple Loose Leaf Tea Subscription

Tea can be a meditation, from steeping to sipping and savoring. This subscription offers four new varieties each month, tailored to your recipient’s preference (green, black, herbal or a sampler).

Atlas Coffee Club (starting at $50 for a 3-month subscription;

Atlas Coffee Club

Take breakfast in bed to the next level with quality, ethically sourced coffee from around the globe delivered each month. We’ve tried a lot of coffee subscriptions, and Atlas is one of our favorites.

Hello Fresh (starting at $7.49 per meal;

Hello Fresh

For anyone who resolved to cook more this year, Hello Fresh offers pre-measured ingredients for quick and easy preparation. Choose a customized plan based on dietary needs (e.g. vegetarian, just seafood, etc.), then ask your S.O. for the homemade meal you deserve.

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate (starting at $24.99 for a monthly box;

Fresh Baked Cookie Crate

If your Valentine enjoys baking and you like cookies, this gift is what we call a win-win. Each delivery includes everything they need to whip up a new variety of fresh treats.

Porter Road Butcher’s Choice Subscription (starting at $90 a box;

Porter Road Butcher's Choice Subscription

For the serious carnivore, this Porter Road subscription gives them the opportunity to receive a box of their preferred premium meats every two, four or eight weeks. They can pick anything from steaks and burgers and sausages to ribs, chicken and pork chops.

The Original Gourmet Chocolate Club (starting at $42.95 for a monthly box;

The Original Gourmet Chocolate Club

One box of chocolates is sweet, but the gift of monthly deliveries is a gesture of everlasting love. The Original Gourmet Chocolate Club delivers handmade, small-batch chocolates from world-class creators.

Bokksu (starting at $39.95 for a 12-month subscription;


Bokksu brings the art of Japanese snacking to their front door with an eclectic assortment of 20 different bites each month, tea pairings and a guide detailing the contents’ origins and flavors.

UnboxBoardom (starting at $29.99 for a monthly box;


If they’re always on the lookout for new boards to conquer, UnboxBoardom delivers fresh gauntlets to meet the challenge. Choose delivery frequency (every one, two or three months) based on how often you want to sit down for a new game.