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Finding good Father’s Day gifts that aren’t just another pair of socks or [whispers] whiskey stones can be tough, which is why we often like to find gifts that are truly unique — the kinds of gifts that he’d never think to buy himself, but he’ll be so glad you gave him. From tech organizers and grilling gadgets to pizza ovens and fire pits, here are the best unique Father’s Day gifts to make him feel like the incredible father figure he is.

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Make sure all his tech stays organized with this rather genius cord organizer he can take wherever he goes.
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Both a gift for him and everyone around him, this beloved ear, nose and eyebrow hair trimmer comes with its own travel case and is battery-operated so no extra cords.

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Speaking of batteries... Won't Daddy love this battery daddy? (Don't worry, we hate us too.) But really, think of something that screams DAD more than this organizer that can even keep track of how much battery life is left in each one. Trust us, he'll love it.

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Forget delivery — when Dad can finally whip up his own pizza in the convenience of his patio or backyard, it’s over for standard barbecues. The Ooni Karu portable oven cooks pizza in 60 seconds using wood, charcoal or gas, and its ceramic fiber-insulated construction stays piping hot (like, up to 932 degrees Fahrenheit hot).
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Breakfast sandwiches instantly make every morning better. Help him fuel up the right way with the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker complete with an egg cooker ring. It’s dishwasher-safe and ideal for any meal of the day.
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This portable, easy-to-use projector is definitely a splurge-but-worth-it gift pick, but we fell in love with it in our Samsung Freestyle review. It can not only be an excellent projector that can project up to a 100-inch screen but also a speaker, light or groovy star show projector.
If Dad’s favorite meal is brunch (we don’t blame him), gift him this Bloody Mary kit that has everything he needs to make the absolute perfect daytime cocktail, pickled carrots and olives included.
Does Dad consider himself a super chef? Then he simply must get his hands on this carbon steel wok, which is a nice lighter alternative to cast iron. Designed specifically for rapid movement and high heat (noodles and stir-fries included), this will make him feel like he's part of an award-winning kitchen.
File this under the coolest gift he’s ever gotten: an embroidered Carhartt tool tote bag with his name or initials so he can feel like the king of his workspace. The practical water-repellant bag includes a total of 22 pockets and an internal metal frame to help retain its shape.
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For fans of wearable tech, the Apple Watch remains the gold standard. The Series 8 has an expanded display and faster charging, and it's the best option for iPhone users.

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Does Dad love ice cream? Then gift him our pick for the best ice cream maker. In our testing, it churned some of the best, creamiest ice cream of the entire group while also being one of the cheapest.

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Upload Dad’s favorite family photo and get a hand-painted portrait of that very image. You can even have the artist paint multiple people from different photos in the same canvas. If the past year made it hard for your whole family to be together, Dad will love an artistic take on what that canceled family reunion would have looked like, and he’ll cherish the gift for years to come.

Goldbelly has tons of iconic treats to shop from, including the Barefoot Contessa's own decadent chocolate cake, which is perfect filling up Dad's heart and stomach.

If Dad takes a while to get ready in the morning, he’ll love the fan-favorite Blundstone Chelsea boots made of premium leather, which are appropriate for virtually any activity or occasion, be it heading to the office or hiking his favorite trail.
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Dad can bring a little bit of the great outdoors inside with this tabletop fireplace. It’s smokeless and odorless, so you can toast marshmallows over the fire even if you can’t see the stars.
The family’s elected grill master is also by definition a sauce boss. Allow him to play dress-up with his barbecue delicacies with this DIY sauce set. It includes everything he needs to make spicy and peppery sauces, from liquid smoke to labels and ground spices.
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Whether he’s looking to make the most of chilly summer nights or bring the campfire experience indoors, this 15-inch portable Solo Stove will become his new go-to gadget. Its maximized airflow and top vents keep it from producing any smoke or ash, making it a low-maintenance way to stay warm or whip up his favorite bonfire treats.

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What Dad does in the bathroom is his business, but you *can* give him a helpful hint: With the Tushy bidet attachment, which we named the best bidet attachment, he’ll be able to enjoy the bliss and joy of a bidet with just the turn of a knob.
Say how you really feel in chocolate form with a custom note printed on hundreds of M&M'S. Trust us: Dad will eat this gift right up.
Dads thrive when they can perform the role of jack-of-all-trades. This Leatherman multitool allows him to do just that with its 17 tools, including a screwdriver and saw built around a set of pliers.
Here’s a cozy way to memorialize your love for Dad. This handwritten note turned blanket will let him reread your heartfelt sentiments for a long time, and while they’ll no doubt warm his heart in any form, sharing your love through this blanket will ensure his feet stay toasty too.
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For his next crème brûlée or BBQ adventure, this easy-to-use butane torch is a kitchen essential, and pretty exciting at that.
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For any dad who seems to never not be working out or training, a Theragun massage gun can be a real life-changer. The Theargun Elite, one of our favorites from the brand, offers quiet yet powerful pulses that can ease muscle cramps and aches.

Dads who love baseball statistically enjoy collecting all the baseball-related memorabilia. Gift him something he hasn’t seen before: a bottle opener made from an MLB game-used bat handle with a story card on who used it and when, be it the Toronto Blue Jays or the San Diego Padres.
If Dad lives for episodes of “Hot Ones” on YouTube, this is the gift for him. Boasting 11 different hot sauces of varying (and increasing) heat levels, this box will test his tolerance, and you can watch him in glee.
Boost his confidence in the kitchen with this engraved reclaimed maple hardwood cutting board. It includes a juice well and handles for a mess-free meal prep experience, and it’s available in three sizes.
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Does Dad have a song of the summer? No? Well, he should find one stat and blast it through our pick for the best portable speaker. The Boom 3 boasts 360-degree sound in a waterproof, dustproof canister.
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For a man who’s musically inclined and appreciates an immersive experience, these Sony wireless over-ear headphones are our pick for the best over-ear headphones. They offer the best sound quality, comfort, battery life and noise cancellation of the models we tested. Is he more of an earbud man? These Beats Fit Pro give Apple’s ubiquitous AirPods a run for their money, with a sporty and comfortable fit for great sound on the go.
No one loves a movie night quite like Dad. Elevate his living room into a theater with this popcorn machine that makes 2 gallons of the good stuff per batch and features a warming deck, a reject kernel tray and tempered safety glass walls.
Dad deserves to crack his nuts in peace, wouldn’t you say? This cleverly designed pistachio plate has a designated spot for shells (and all that dusty debris that for some reason comes with pistachios) so Dad doesn’t have to worry about making a mess.
Dad doesn’t want to always have to go on Facebook to reflect on life’s most cherished memories. Allow him to display them right on his desk or mantle with Aura, Oprah’s favorite digital smart frame. Once connected to the app, load the frame with photos, videos and messages that are sure to bring a tear to his eye.
Let the other beachgoers know who’s in charge with this Superman-inspired beach towel. Made with cotton terry and soft polyester microfiber, he’ll love showing it off when he’s not sprawled out across it.
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Foodies love variety, and that’s why Dad is bound to gravitate toward the 6-in-1 Ninja Foodi that serves as an air fryer, an oven, a broiler and a dehydrator. (Ninja made our pick for the best air fryer, so we know this is good.) With this air fryer's two independent baskets, Dad can cook more food in less time. Just pray you’ll be invited to a taste test.

Let Dad put his baseball strategy prowess to the test with this board game from Uncommon Goods. Meant for die-hard fans, this game of chance is powered by probability but will have the whole family thinking on their toes.

Dads love to lounge. Heck, they probably invented lounging. With their breathable and lightweight terry cloth fabric and secure pockets, these popular Lululemon joggers are the ultimate wardrobe staple for taking it easy.
A full-size pool table won’t make sense if his man cave is already set up, but this 55-inch foldable version with cue sticks, chalk and accessories might just be the perfect addition he never knew he needed.
Bookworms are some of the best people — let Dad channel that side of himself with the Kindle Paperwhite, which allows you to read thousands of books from a crisp and glare-free screen. A single charge lasts up to 10 weeks, making it ideal for dads on the go.

Show Dad a little bit of pampering with this Father's Day gift box, complete with leather travel journal, chocolate, cozy socks and coffee, plus more.

Every dad has his favorite chair. If his is looking a little rundown, it’s time for an upgrade with this electric massage recliner chair boasting several pressure levels and variations for anytime relaxation.