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Celebrating your mom is an everyday event. That’s why personalized Mother’s Day gifts are a brilliant idea. You simply fill in the details, and the artisan does the rest of the magic. No matter if you choose a sentiment that features a beloved photo or a statement piece with your handwriting, these ideas will make your mama feel loved and appreciated.

Here, we rounded up the most sentimental, meaningful personalized Mother’s Day gifts that say the right thing. Looking for more ideas? Check out our guides for gifts for every type of mom, Etsy gifts, jewelry gifts, unique gifts for cool moms and our flower delivery guide.

Personalized Message In a Bottle (starting at $39.99;

Personalized Message In a Bottle

With this unique keepsake, your mom will unfold another layer of kindness with each step. First, she’ll be wowed by the floral bottle, then touched by the sweet words in the personalized scroll and lastly dazzled by the sterling silver heart necklace. Each time she wears it, she will think of you. (Psst: If you don’t want to write the note for the scroll, there are several options to choose from, already written and ready to be printed.)

Love Grows Here Personalized Flower Pot ($24.99, originally $34.99;

Love Grows Here Personalized Flower Pot

If your mom is the type who would rather spend time in her garden than anywhere else in the world, this personalized flower pot will make her heart grow 10 times its size. You can add the names of her children (and/or grandchildren!) to be inscribed on the side of the planter and then fill it with her favorite flowers. Tip: Choose annual seeds so they will return each year, reminding her of your love.

Family Pebble Portrait ($110;

Family Pebble Portrait

For a more subtle and modern approach to the traditional personalized Mother’s Day gift, this gorgeous portrait will touch her heart. It’s created by artist Wendy Pound, and it uniquely illustrates the power of a family through nature. She uses pebbles and/or pieces of wood to create this whimsical gift that’ll become a statement piece in her home.

Letter to Mom Personalized Blanket ($44.99, originally $69.99;

Letter to Mom Personalized Blanket

You may not be there to snuggle her daily, but you can give her this thoughtful blanket to keep her warm and cozy. You can select from their prompts and poems or draft your own 10-line letter. When she settles in to watch her shows, she will remember your sweet gesture.

Heirloom Custom Video Book ($38;

Heirloom Custom Video Book

There are so many special moments that make up a family, and there are plenty that stick out in your mom’s memory. Maybe it was the day you told her she was going to be a grandmother, or perhaps your wedding day. It could be her 50th or 60th birthday party. Whatever you know will make her the happiest, consider turning it into a custom video book. This goes above and beyond the typical card and creates an heirloom that will bring her to tears. Best of all, she can open and watch it anytime she wants.

TheBespokeWorkshop1 Tulip Plaque With Stand ($29.01;

TheBespokeWorkshop1 Tulip Plaque With Stand

Part of what makes your mom’s heart blossom is each of her blooms — whether it’s you, your children or even family pets. With this gorgeous art piece, you can select a tulip color and name to create your mother’s garden. You can also add a line — like their recommended “If we had a flower for every time we thought of our love for you, we would walk in a garden forever” — or something else meaningful to your family.

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board ($80;

Personalized Compact Swivel Cheese Board

Your mom is many things — cheerleader, miracle worker, Jane-of-all-trades and the ultimate hostess. Growing up, dinner parties, birthdays and holidays were all beautiful and indulgent, thanks to her eye for design and culinary skills. This Mother’s Day, take her game to the next level with this customizable cheese board. It spreads out — no pun intended — to create different compartments for various cheese. And it has a nifty drawer for cheese forks and knives.

EmbroiWear Custom Embroidered Mama Sweatshirt (starting at $48;

EmbroiWear Custom Embroidered Mama Sweatshirt

If you’re gifting your bestie, sister or sister-in-law something special for her first Mother’s Day celebration, this cozy gesture will get the message right. Symbolizing her new name of “mom,” this sweatshirt will keep her comfortable while breastfeeding or getting up in the wee hours of the morning to tend to her newborn.

Personalized Yarn Bowl ($60;

Personalized Yarn Bowl

Each holiday, you can count on your mom to gift you a handmade sweater, hat, scarf or pair of gloves. Knitting is a hobby that brings her joy, keeps her calm and allows her to create something special for her kiddos. Support her favorite pastime with this customized yarn bowl that includes a hooked slot that ensures the skeins of yarn remain tangle-free. It also has a hole to rest the needles when she needs to refill her tea as a bonus.

MignonandMignon Birthstone Family Tree Necklace (starting at $17.50, originally starting at $25;

MignonandMignon Birthstone Family Tree Necklace

Dangling just like branches in a tree, this is the ideal gift for a grandmother who has more grandchildren than she can count. Sentimental, simple and gorgeous, choose the gemstones and initials that represent her ever-growing family, and surprise her with a sweet message that expresses the impact she’s had on your life — and all of those who have come after her.

I Will Always Support You Custom Sand Bracelets (starting at $32;

I Will Always Support You Custom Sand Bracelets

For family vacations, your crew always headed to the shore. Building sandcastles, chasing the waves and watching the sunset are all part of your traditions. These memories are precious to you — and even more so to your mom, who watched you grow from a toddler to an adult each summer. If you have some sand tucked away in a jar somewhere, you can turn it into a beautiful, unique piece of matching jewelry for you, your mom and your siblings. Or, even if you don’t have specific sand, you can choose from the artist’s sandbank.

BranchNroot Night Sky Print (starting at $31.45, originally starting at $34.95;

BranchNroot Night Sky Print

Imagine if someone froze the solar system — with all of the planets and stars — the exact moment you took your first breath. This is the instant when your mom transformed from a woman to a mother too. Celebrate this life-changing event with a customized print of the night sky as a meaningful Mother’s Day gift for the lady who has made your universe magical. As a bonus, these come printed on a wood plank, so you don’t need to bother with framing.

Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace (starting at $110;

Personalized Gemstone Eternity Necklace

The love you have for your mom (and the love she has for you) is never-ending. You can illustrate this sentiment beautifully with this personalized necklace featuring birthstones. Created with sterling silver and using up to six gems, show Mom just how many people treasure the special lady she is.

MorningJoyCo Recipe Cutting Board (starting at $69;

MorningJoyCo Recipe Cutting Board

If one of your mother’s most prized possessions is the original recipe card for her grandmother’s lasagna, this Mother’s Day gift will fill up her heart with love. This company laser engraves original handwritten copies of recipes to create a cutting board that’s ideal for passing down from one generation to the next. She can use it when she makes her beloved recipe or display it for all to admire.

Personalized Family Cameo Portrait (starting at $75;

Personalized Family Cameo Portrait

If you’ve toured a museum before, you’ve likely giggled at the stuffy Victorian paintings. But have you ever wondered what they would look like today? Now you can, via this modern take on the classic family portrait. You can personalize to feature everyone in your fam — from kids and grandkids to your dog — to create this fun and sweet Mother’s Day gift.

CaitlynMinimalist Actual Handwriting Bracelet ($27.75, originally $37;

CaitlynMinimalist Actual Handwriting Bracelet

If you’re a parent, you know how extraordinary those little fingerprint paintings are to you, considering they take up most of your fridge and office space. Your mom cares about them too, which is what makes this gift so memorable. Have your toddler write a message to their grandma, upload it to this Etsy listing and they will create a silver, 14-karat gold or rose gold bracelet. Talk about special!

A Dozen Reasons I Love You Mom ($40;

A Dozen Reasons I Love You Mom

Truth be told, you can probably name hundreds of reasons why you adore your mom. But you can narrow it down to this handcrafted gift that allows you to pick 12 reasons why she’s the best ma ever. After selecting sentimental and funny ones, you can choose the color and text of your choice to create this box of love. Anytime she misses you, she can pull them out and smile (and then call you to remind you to floss).

Family Tree Chime ($95;

Family Tree Chime

Delicate and serene, these chimes will wake your mom up in the early hours of the morning, reminding her of the love that surrounds her. Created by an artist who hand-cuts each of these ceramic leaves and engraves them with your family member’s name, this special Mother’s Day gift will become her favorite garden accessory.