To anyone in a long-distance relationship, we see you. It’s tough to be far from the person you care most about, and especially so if you can’t spend Valentine’s Day together — sometimes long FaceTime calls and coordinated movie nights just aren’t enough.

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can make everyday life apart a little more bearable. These 20 gifts are perfect for helping your relationship grow and flourish, even if you’re far apart. Want more ideas? Check out our favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for him, jewelry gifts and lingerie gifts.

Aura Digital Picture Frame ($199;

Aura Digital Picture Frame

Share photos of your favorite memories or moments from everyday life with a digital picture frame. This sleek frame can hold over 10,000 photos, making it perfect for someone who might be working abroad or in the military, since you can automatically update it with images of family members, pets and friends.

Away The Bigger Carry-On (starting at $245;

The Bigger Carry-On

For any long-distance couples that need to take a plane to see each other, there’s no more useful gift than luggage that’ll make the trip as quick and easy as possible. Our favorite carry-on suitcase for good reason, this option from Away is the one to buy if you want a suitcase that does it all. It’s durable, super stylish, lightweight and easy to roll, and it has tons of useful features that make it well worth its price.

Long Distance Messages In A Bottle ($22.99;

Long Distance Messages In A Bottle

This adorable medicine-like bottle comes with 50 “pills” that are actually prewritten little love notes. They’re a great way to start off your day or good to open when you’re feeling down. And for those who don’t have a way with words? This is a fun and sweet way to let your loved one know how you feel.

Grafomap Custom Map (starting at $69;

Grafomap Custom Map

If you’ve just moved away from your significant other, it can be hard to make a new place feel like home. Grafomap’s custom maps are beautifully designed and totally unique to you. Whether it’s a favorite shared location, the place you first met or where you got married, these maps help showcase your favorite place in a really special way.

Long-Distance Touch Bracelets, Set of 2 (starting at $92, originally starting at $108;

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set of Two

If one of your love languages is touch, this bracelet set is a really sweet way to incorporate physicality even when you’re far from the one you love. Simply tap the bracelet and its pair will light up and vibrate. You can send up to 10 taps in one message, which makes it easy to create your own messages or code.

Date Night Bucket List ($20;

Date Night Bucket List

For when you are together, you’ll want to make every day a date to remember. This collection of date ideas is perfect for keeping dates adventurous and spontaneous. Some are more romantic (like going stargazing) and others are more intellectual (going to the local museum), and all are printed on birchwood sticks. Once you’ve shared the experience, write the date on the back of the stick as a way to remember all the moments spent together.

Yana Body Pillow ($199;

Great for someone who may be missing their partner, this body pillow is a game changer. As one Underscored editor puts it, “Yana’s isn’t just your average long pillow; it’s an innovative U-shaped pillow that wraps around your body and contours to your curves. That’s right — a pillow that hugs you back. You haven’t known comfort until you’ve enjoyed a peaceful slumber wrapped up in a Yana.”

Artifact Uprising Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar (starting at $35;

Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

For a daily reminder of your loved one, this photo calendar is a sophisticated way to put some of your favorite memories on display. It’s particularly perfect for someone who might be working abroad, since you can stay organized while thinking of them throughout the day.

Lisen Cell Phone Stand (starting at $12.99, originally starting at $17.99;

Cell Phone Stand

Stay comfortable during long FaceTime calls with this simple tool. Especially when it comes to virtual date nights like cooking dinner together, you can show off your more flattering angles without the awkward makeshift tripod or phone that’s constantly falling over.

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger (starting at $100;

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Created by long-distance couple Marie Poulle and Jean Gregoire, this lovebox is a really sweet, romantic way to send messages throughout the day to the person you love. It’s a lot more special and exciting than a simple text message, and a wonderful option for couples in separate time zones since the alerts are silent.

Tiny Heart Couple Initial Ring ($42;

Tiny Heart Couple Initial Ring

Jewelry can be tough to gift, but a delicate ring with a personalized touch will always be in style. Not only will the ring’s heart shape remind you of your relationship, the initials are a sweet conversation starter for anyone who might not know your significant other.

Saint Laurent Pebble Grain Leather Wallet ($385;

Saint Laurent Pebble Grain Leather Wallet

A wallet is one of those essentials you’ll use every day, which means it’s worth investing in. This option from Yves Saint Laurent is a luxe option that will last for years and be a long-lasting reminder of the person who gifted it to you.

Boston Creative Company Stir Your Tea & Think of Me Spoon ($12.99;

Boston Creative Company Stir Your Tea & Think Of Me Spoon

If you can’t enjoy your morning coffee or tea together, you can at least use the morning as a time to think of each other. This sweet spoon is the perfect reminder to send that “good morning” text and check in on what your loved one has going on that day.

A Dozen Reasons I Love You ($40;

A Dozen Reasons I Love You

For couples that might not be able to talk or text a ton, this gift is a perfect way to say a lot when someone might need to hear it most. This personalized, handmade collection of “reasons I love you” is super sentimental, and thoughtful. You can customize the lid text and color, and choose 12 of 56 reasons that are specific to your partner and your relationship.

Airbnb Gift Card (prices vary;

Airbnb Gift Card

Plan your next vacation together with an Airbnb gift card. It’s the perfect way to commit to some time off together without having to make the sole decision on where to go and when.

‘Love Poems’ by Pablo Neruda ($10.49 in paperback;

"Love Poems" by Pablo Neruda

Gifting Pablo Neruda’s book of passionate, sensual love poetry is a romantic way to say a lot without having to come up with your own words. You can highlight your favorite verses or lines and give it to your significant other as a way to learn more about your thoughts and feelings even when you’re not together.

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag (starting at $110;

Dagne Dover Landon Carryall Bag

Perfect for those long weekends where you finally get to visit each other, this versatile, multipurpose bag is one of our favorites for travel. It’s super durable while still being lightweight and chic. The design is really well thought out and practical without sacrificing style. And it works for guys, girls and everyone in between, making it perfect for sharing.

Mates for Life Print (starting at $30;

Mates For Life Print

For those who may be more understated in their affection, this piece of decor isn’t cheesy at all — which is what we love about it. In a modern and versatile way, this print illustrates all types of animals that fall for each other, for life. From wolves to angelfish and even termites, it’s a unique way to remember someone who’s living in a different city, state or country.

Apple AirPods Pro ($179.99, originally $249;

Apple AirPods Pro

Anyone in a long-distance relationship knows that long phone and video calls are just a part of everyday life. Bluetooth headphones are a game changer for getting chores or errands done while you’re chatting, so you don’t have to worry about having your phone in your hand. Noise cancellation is also a key feature so you can hear each other clearly even in busier or more noisy scenarios. And of course, your headphones will need good battery life for when you’re talking for hours. This option from Apple has it all, and we can’t recommend it enough.

The Personalized Anniversary Journal ($130;

The Personalized Anniversary Journal

For any newlyweds who might have to spend time apart, a personalized anniversary journal can be the perfect way to look forward to those moments that you can reflect on together. This high-quality, personalized journal is a wonderful tool for sharing thoughts on the past and future, and making sure you have an annual tradition on your anniversary.