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No matter how chill you may consider yourself to be, finding a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other that’s thoughtful (or at least useful) and that isn’t too cheesy can be just a tad stressful, at best. And if you celebrate the holiday by giving something sweet to family members or friends to show them how much you care, perhaps you’re still stuck on what to get them. Take some inspiration from our editors’ favorite Valentine’s Day gifts of all time — ones they’ve both given or received from a romantic partner or family member, or even gifted to themselves (what better excuse to indulge in some self-care than a holiday dedicated to love?).

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The Sill Hoya Heart Plant ($26; thesill.com)

The Sill Hoya heart plant

We got this adorable heart succulent for my mom, but it’d make such a great Valentine’s Day gift for anyone! The heart shape is so cute, and it’s much cooler than the standard red roses — plus, it lasts longer than flowers (or chocolate, in my house)! —Hayley Saltzman, head of social media

Pioneer Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album (starting at $13.99; amazon.com)

Pioneer Fabric Frame Cover Photo Album

My boyfriend’s birthday is a few days after Valentine’s Day, and three years ago I wanted to gift him something extra thoughtful and personalized in addition to a physical gift, so I decided to go the DIY route. I bought a 200-page photo album from Amazon and printed out a BUNCH of photos of the two of us and wrote cute little notes throughout! He still refers to it as the “best gift I’ve ever given him,” and he keeps it on his desk to this day! —Stephanie Griffin, social strategist

Smoko Lil B Dumpling Ambient Light ($18; smokonow.com)

Smoko Lil B Dumpling Ambient Light

If your partner loves all things cute, this dumpling-shaped light is the perfect little Valentine’s Day gift. Pair it with flowers or a box of chocolates to have the most adorable Valentine’s ever. —Kai Burkhardt, editorial coordinator

Country Carpentry Art Small Heart Bud Vase ($25; etsy.com)

Country Carpentry Art Small Heart Bud Vase

On Valentine’s Day a few years ago, instead of getting my mom flowers, I got her a vase in the shape of a heart — she loves hearts. (This is pretty similar to the one I bought.) Turns out it was a great gift; now whenever someone else gets her flowers, she breaks out the vase I got her and remembers my gesture all over again. —Chelsea Stone, commerce editor

Our Q&A a Day: Three-Year Journal for Two People ($14.02; amazon.com)

Our Q&A a Day: Three-Year Journal for Two People

Look, I know this one leans a little toward the cheesy side, but sue me: I’m a sentimental type of person. This journal is intended to spur discussions with your partner, of things both frivolous and more profound, as it presents a prompt for every day of the year that each of you fill out with a quick response — from questions like “What feels vitally important right now?” to “If you didn’t have any responsibilities for the day, what would you do?” It’s also a fun way, I’d imagine, for long-distance couples to stay connected. —Emmy Favilla, deputy editor

Bouqs Flower Subscription (starting at $36; bouqs.com)

Bouqs Flower Subscription

I’m a strong believer in gifting myself for any reason no matter the season! So a perfect gift to myself or any plant and flower lovers this Valentine’s Day would be a flower subscription from Bouqs (or a plant subscription from Grounded) because the perfect act of love for me is to have my apartment look and smell like a garden all year round. —Natasha Hatendi, photo editor

Sur La Table Online Homemade Ravioli Cooking Class ($29 per seat; surlatable.com)

Sur La Table Online Homemade Ravioli Cooking Class

I love activities as gifts, especially ones that I can do with other people! I was once gifted a pasta-making class from a friend and it was so much fun to learn how to make different dishes together from scratch. I even considered purchasing a pasta maker for my apartment afterward. —Kiana Murden, associate lifestyle editor

Magnificent Roses (starting at $135; 1800flowers.com)

Magnificent Roses

Every year, long before I was born, my father has bought my mother a dozen roses for Valentine’s Day. She loves roses, as in bolded-and-underlined loves roses, but the only problem is that fresh flowers only last so long. That was until my father discovered flower gift boxes from Magnificent Roses, which last up to three years! She’s been enjoying her 2020 red rose gift box since last year, and the flowers look as good as the day she received them. —Katelyn Gendron, SEO analyst

Innocheer Scrapbook (starting at $14.99; amazon.com)

Innocheer Scrapbook

A handmade scrapbook is always a heartwarming gift so you and your partner can reminisce on all the memories you made together. My partner got me one last year filled with cute pictures and love letters, and I may or may not have shed a tear or 20. —Kai Burkhardt, editorial coordinator

Catbird Threadbare Ring ($44; catbirdnyc.com)

Catbird Threadbare Ring

I have probably asked for Catbird jewelry for the past five birthdays, Valentine’s Days, holidays and anniversaries, but it’s just that good. My husband got me this threadbare ring a few Valentine’s Days ago, and I wear it every single day. It’s super delicate and simple — perfect for everyday wear — and it’s so simple that you’ll never get sick of it. —Hayley Saltzman, head of social media

Gold Hill Jewelry Name Necklace (starting at $24, originally starting at $30; etsy.com)

Gold Hill Jewelry Name Necklace

One of my favorite gifts I’ve received is this name necklace from Etsy. I love my middle name and had been wanting something to carry with me to honor it in a way. Name plate necklaces are also super in, so this was a great and thoughtful surprise! —Kiana Murden, associate lifestyle editor

Greats Sneakers The Royale ($179; greats.com)

Greats Sneakers The Royale

If you’re looking for a practical Valentine’s Day gift your partner will love, you can’t go wrong with these Brooklyn-made leather Greats sneakers. According to its website, Greats shoes are “made by top-rated factories that meet the highest standards of labor and environmental practices,” so it’s also a gift you can really feel good about giving. I asked my husband to share the BEST Valentine’s Day gift I’ve ever given him, and even though we’ve been together for 15 Valentine’s Days and 15 gifts, he quickly chose these sneakers as his favorite of all the gifts. They’re stylish and classic enough to fit a range of personal tastes and styles, and they’re also super comfortable. I have them in one color, and my husband liked the white ones I gave him for Valentine’s Day so much that he bought them in black to wear at our wedding! —Hayley Saltzman, head of social media

Kay Jewelers’ Color Stone Heart Necklace (starting at $71.29; kay.com)

Kay Jewelers' Color Stone Heart Necklace

A few years ago, a guy that I was dating gave me this necklace for Valentine’s Day. The stone is a genuine peridot that represents my August birth month, and the necklace is made from a silver metal. This beautiful accessory is a subtle and classy piece that will have your valentine feeling oh so special — it did the same for me. —Sarai Thompson, editorial coordinator

Laudurée Macarons, Box of 8 ($30; goldbelly.com)

Laudurée Macarons, Box of 8

Macarons are one of my favorite French pastries, so a box from the iconic Ladurée or heart-shaped box filled with macarons of assorted flavors from Dana’s Bakery is all I need on Valentine’s Day. —Katelyn Gendron, SEO analyst

Mejuri Croissant Dôme Ring ($75; mejuri.com)

Mejuri Croissant Dôme Ring

Last year, I had my eyes set on the Mejuri Croissant Dôme Ring that I had been seeing ALL over Instagram, naturally. And after dropping (not so subtle) hints to him a few weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, he gifted me just that! The ring has become a staple in my jewelry collection and is a great, affordable option for anyone who loves “gold” rings! —Stephanie Griffin, social strategist

Sugarfina Sugar Lips Candy ($7.95; bloomingdales.com)

Sugarfina Sugar Lips Candy

Sugarfina candy always makes for a great gift, and these lips are PERFECT for Valentine’s Day. One of my best friends works at Sugarfina and she gifted us all these sour candy lips. If you love gummies and/or sour candy, these will be your fave! They also come in really cute packaging and feel very giftable (unlike candy you’d just buy for yourself). Craving some right now and wish I had them to snack on after writing this… —Hayley Saltzman, head of social media

RachelPfefferDesigns Gold Ring (prices vary; etsy.com)

RachelPfefferDesigns Gold Ring

OK, so while this wasn’t necessarily my favorite Valentine’s Day gift, my engagement ring is, unsurprisingly, one of my favorite things my fiancé has ever given me. Not just because, you know, celebrating our love in such a way is a fun and nice thing, but also because this designer crafts a ton of one-of-a-kind, nontraditional pieces (like my ring), often from recycled gold jewelry. The shop also offers fun and unique pieces like a pretzel-shaped ring, a gorgeous violet opal ring and a funky option that simply reads “hitched.” —Emmy Favilla, deputy editor

Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Pendant ($150; tiffany.com)

Tiffany & Co. Open Heart Pendant

My partner isn’t a huge jewelry person, but this simple and elegant pendant was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. She loves it because she gets to feel fancy and wear Tiffany, and I love it because compared to everything else at Tiffany I didn’t have to budget for two years to buy it. Plus, it’s made of sterling silver, so she can keep it on 24/7. —Kai Burkhardt, editorial coordinator