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With birthdays from June 20 to July 22, Cancers are the loyal, nostalgic and nurturing individuals in our lives. Often referred to as homebodies, they’re most likely spending the summer season hosting intimate dinner parties, enjoying “me time” by reading and creating art or just relaxing on the beach.

This year, celebrate the Cancer in your life with a thoughtful gift that shows your appreciation for all that they do. Whether you opt for chic kitchenware, cozy slippers or a custom poster of their favorite place, here are 23 options sure to win the heart of your nearest and dearest Cancer.

Cotton Napper (starting at $249;

Cotton Napper

When it comes to comfort, relaxation and ultimate home coziness, there’s nothing like snuggling up under a weighted blanket. And Bearaby’s weighted blankets aren’t just any old weighted blankets. As opposed to the traditional glass or plastic beads, the weight in this blanket comes from its organic cotton material. The fabric is buttery soft and naturally breathable, and the knitted design is oh-so-adorable, making for the perfect gift for any homebody in your life.

Birthdate Candle ($38, originally $48;

Birthdate Candle

Birthdate candles come completely customized to the person’s actual birthday, with a different scent for every 365 days. Not only that, but the candle comes with an in-depth interpretation of that person’s personality, astrological sign, tarot card and ruling number.

Maison Oval Locket Necklace I ($260;

Maison Oval Locket Necklace I

Cancers rule over the chest, and a necklace is a perfect way to emphasize that part of the body. This solid 14-karat gold option is classic, elegant and perfect for more sentimental types. “Though all jewelry is personal, the lockets may be one of the most personal pieces of all because of what can be kept inside,” shares Kinn Studio founder Jennie Yoon. You also have the option of engraving the locket with a letter, or keeping it blank.

Homesick Candle ($34;

Homesick Candle

Smell can be a powerful sense when it comes to unlocking memories. And for the Cancer who treasures memories and the feeling of home, Homesick candles are something they’re bound to love. Homesick creates scented candles that are named after various states, cities and countries, each evoking that unique place through scent. In addition to location-specific candles, the brand also offers memory-specific candles like Grandma’s Kitchen, Beach Cottage and even Birthday Party.

Monogram Cheese & Crackers Serving Board ($85;

Monogram Cheese & Crackers Serving Board

If the Cancer in your life is often described as being the “hostess with the mostess,” this monogram cheese board is sure to help them step up their game. Not only will they get tons of use out of it, but the personalization is a unique touch they’re sure to love. Each board is embossed with a letter carved from either hardwood cherry, maple or walnut, each with a different finish that also makes them fun to mix and match.

Grecian Marble Coaster Set ($55;

Grecian Marble Coaster Set

Another must-have when entertaining, these stylish coasters look way pricier than they actually are. Made from 100% Greek-imported white marble, they’re luxurious yet simplistic, and will look totally at home on nearly any tabletop.

Family Pebble Portrait ($110;

Family Pebble Portrait

Cancers love the comforts that home and family bring. As opposed to traditional drawings or portraits, this handmade portrait utilizes materials like pebbles, flowers and pieces of shells or wood. The cost of the piece is the same whether you opt for two or seven family members, and you can customize each of the figures to resemble an adult, child, dog or cat.

Apple AirPods Pro ($219.99, originally $249.99;

Apple AirPods Pro

Meditation, motivational podcasts, uplifting audiobooks — all things the Cancers are known to enjoy. And with most of the aforementioned activities happening on our phones, it’s important to make sure you’re equipped with comfortable, high-quality earbuds that help you focus on what you’re listening to. Apple’s AirPods Pro are our favorite earbuds on the market, due to their wide soundstage and the fact that they’re so darn good at blocking out sound.

Grafomap Custom Map (starting at $49;

Grafomap Custom Map

Grafomap takes a special location associated with a special memory and turns it into a beautiful piece of custom artwork. The online editor is super intuitive, and there are tons of ways to perfectly customize a map just to your taste or the taste of a loved one. While the default text on the map is the name of the location you’ve chosen, a personal message is the perfect opportunity to amp up the sentimentality.

Classic Turkish Cotton Robe ($99;

Classic Turkish Cotton Robe

A high-quality robe is the perfect gift for someone who seemingly has everything they need and doesn’t ask for a lot. It’s practical yet luxurious, and something that’s bound to get a ton of use — particularly if the recipient is partial to lounging around and the occasional at-home spa day. This super-plush option from Parachute is made from 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. It’s perfectly slouchy, it’s so soft and it sports deep front pockets in addition to a waist tie and cozy collar.

Terrarium Candle ($26;

Terrarium Candle

Cancers love to create their own spaces that also serve as a personal sanctuary, whether at home or away from it. An easy way to do that is with little pieces of decor that spark joy. These hand-poured soy candles are meticulously detailed and almost too cute to burn — though their irresistible smell might convince you otherwise.

Catch:3 ($175;


When it comes to the organization of our personal sanctuaries, not all products were created equal. Fortunately, we have the Catch:3 from Courant. A marriage of style and utility, this essentials organizer is also a wireless charger, perfect for placing on your bedside. It’s incredibly sleek, super efficient and perfect for keeping track of everything you need.

Mydethun Moon Lamp (starting at $16.99;

Mydethun Moon Lamp

Cancers are ruled by the moon, a planet that’s believed to govern our feelings and emotions. Whether used as a unique piece of home decor or a reminder of their ruling planet, this moon lamp is a perfect option for any Cancer in your life.

BBQ Blends Rub & Sauce Kit ($38;

BBQ Blends Rub & Sauce Kit

Known to make excellent hosts, Cancers love entertaining by cooking up some comfort food for a group of loved ones. And when it comes to summer comfort food, what better than barbecue? This kit includes four different spice blends, each representing one of America’s four great regional BBQ styles: Savory Texas, Sweet Kansas City, Spicy Carolina and Tangy Memphis. And don’t worry if you’re not a meat eater — the gift set also includes a vegan recipe booklet full of delicious summer-appropriate BBQ-themed foods minus the meat.

‘Cocktail Codex: Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions’ by Alex Day, Nick Fauchald & David Kaplan ($21.47, originally $40;

'Cocktail Codex: Fundamentals, Formulas, Evolutions' by Alex Day, Nick Fauchald & David Kaplan

For many Cancers, entertaining also encompasses free-flowing libations. Instead of another cocktail shaker, give them a book of recipes perfect for drink makers of all experiences. This one boasts multiple awards (including a James Beard Award) and was named one of the best cookbooks of the year by the Chicago Tribune.

Tayto Potato USB Heated Slippers ($42;

Tayto Potato USB Heated Slippers

For the Cancers who enjoy nothing more than a cozy night in, these heated slippers are notoriously cute and surprisingly practical. Simply plug them into a compatible USB port, wait for them to heat up and wear them wherever you desire.

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit ($34;

Birth Month Flower Grow Kit

Cancers are known to be caring and nurturing, two traits that pair perfectly with plants. With this kit, they’ll be able to grow their very own birth month flower and keep track of its progress every day. Along with seeds, they’ll receive a reusable glass bottle, soilless growing medium, instructions and additional information about what their birth month flower symbolizes.

Summer Succulent ($45;

Summer Succulent

Another gorgeous plant option, this succulent from The Sill (a dream destination for any and all plant lovers) is a perfect gift option, particularly for anyone with a sun-soaked windowsill or outdoor patio — since this specific plant demands bright, direct light. It also comes with a chic planter, of which you get to choose the style and color of.

First Edition Book Cover Art Print ($65;

First Edition Book Cover Art Print

Cancers are known to be nostalgic, even for a time they’ve never lived in. Memorialize one of their favorite pieces of literature with a print of its first edition book cover. Not only does it speak to one of their interests, it’s also a conversation-starting piece of home decor.

Fluance RT82 Record Player ($299.99;

Fluance RT82 Record Player

Speaking of an attraction to the past, record players may be a vintage way of listening to music, but their popularity isn’t dying down. The Fluance RT82 is our top pick when it comes to entry-level record players, particularly due to its stellar sound quality and super-sleek design.

A Little Pampering Gift Set ($44;

A Little Pampering Gift Set

Cancers are no strangers to a little self-care day. Encourage them to relax and unwind on their special day with this pampering gift set, which includes a soy candle, shower steamer, body oil, soap bar and lip balm. It’s available in one of two scents: relaxing, calming lavender or rejuvenating, refreshing citrus.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera ($59.99, originally $69.99;

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Camera

What better way to remember special events and time spent with loved ones than with photos? An instant film camera is a wonderful way of capturing truly candid moments (not too many opportunities for a redo) and sharing them with others. You can give the physical photos to the people you’re with, or keep them for a photo album or wall collage.

Cool Bank 145-Piece Art Set ($38.99;

Cool Bank 145-Piece Art Set

Cancers love to create, and many take to painting or drawing. Allow them to fully unlock their inner artist with this massive art set, which includes everything from crayons and colored pencils to oil pastels and watercolor, and even more. You’ll also get tools like brushes and a drawing pad.