Summer is nearly here, which means it’s time to travel! And you know what travel means: the chance to take some genuinely glorious photos in stunning locales. If you have summer trips planned, you’re probably looking for the perfect vacation outfits. Whether you’re lounging in Aruba or the Maldives, walking the streets of Barcelona, or having a night out in Bangkok, your friends will envy both the place and the style in all your selfies.

Show Off Your Assets In These Faux Leather Leggings

If you're headed somewhere with a sleek sense of fashion, the only non-negotiable in your suitcase must be these faux leather pants. They pair with almost anything and make you look terrific in any pics.

Look Good While Keeping Your Valuables Safe With This Crossbody Bag

No one wants to feel like they might get pickpocketed while traveling, but few of us want to pull a move from our mom and start wearing a cash belt. The solution? This crossbody bag from Travelon keeps all your valuables safe and looks lovely while doing it.

Fend Off the Cooler Evenings With an Elegant Shawl

Even if you're headed somewhere warm, temperatures can drop quickly when the sun goes down. Keep yourself looking fantastic with a simple shawl. This one comes in plenty of colors to match any outfit.

A Solid Pair of Flip Flops For Beach Days

If you're traveling somewhere with a beach, you're going to want a pair of flip-flops for trekking across the sand and getting to the perfect tanning spot. I love this pair in rose gold, classic but still stands out.

Bring the Exotic With You In These Capri Pants

If you want to roll up to your destination with a bit of vacation already on, these pants are precisely what you need. With a beautiful peacock design, they'll make you feel at home in the exotic.

Simple But Classy: An Oversized Tee For Any Occassion

It can be tough to find an elegant piece that doesn't end up wrinkled in your suitcase, which is why I'm in love with this tee: not only does it travel well, but it also has a unique, oversized look that will make you stand out in any locale.

Feel Ultra Chic In These Paper Bag Pants

When I'm in Europe, I often find that the natives have an effortless style that I'm hard-pressed to keep up with. But no more! These paper bag waist pants will keep you feeling stylish no matter where you go.

Bring Some Sparkle With This Glitter Mesh Top

Hit the club with this eye-catching mesh top and pair it with your favorite bra and you'll have an outfit that seriously stands out.

Protect Your Skin in a Fashionable Sunhat

When I go on a trip, I know that I'm likely to spend a lot more time in the sun than I would at home. I keep my eyes and skin safe with a floppy sunhat, the perfect accessory for my favorite outfits.

These Fashion Sneakers Will Take You Around the World

Perhaps an essential part of any travel outfit is the shoes: you know you're spending a lot of time walking. These platform sneakers give you great support and come in leopard print, so they're a must-have.

A Dress With Pockets?, Yes Please

You may find yourself traveling somewhere a touch more conservative, but you still want to look your best. This casual dress covers the knees so you can enter all those ancient churches and still feel good sharing on social.

This Sexy One-Piece Will Turn Heads

Who said you had to go with a bikini if you wanted to show off some skin? This one-piece swimsuit is perfect for your swimming pool selfies or posing on the beach. With gorgeous bright colors and sexy cutouts, it's exactly what your Instagram ordered.

Wide Legged Palazzo Pants Will Take You From Europe to Asian

I'm a massive fan of these palazzo pants because they can be styled to match the fashion in many places. Pair them with a simple blouse in Europe, or go the fully oversized route with a large sweatshirt in Asia.

Have Everything At Hand In This Tote

If you're heading on a long day trip, you want a bag that lets you bring everything you need: a water bottle, phone, wallet, selfie know, all the necessities. This tote has plenty of space for all your items and comes in a gorgeous snakeskin print.

Get Down and Dirty In These Overalls

Your vacation plans may involve spending some time exploring nature, going for hikes, or even playing in the dirt. If you want a practical and stylish outfit, these overalls are what you need.

Exude Cool In a Suede Motorcycle Jacket

You can look fabulous in any locale with a jacket that ups the ante on your outfit. I'm drooling over this option: it has a classic cut but is made in suede to give it a unique feel. Plus, look at all the gorgeous colors!

This Casual Dress Is a Personal Favorite

If you're spending your days walking around museums or monuments, you want an outfit that's casual, comfy, and simple: this dress checks all those boxes, and it even has pockets!

A Two Piece Outfit For Cocktail Hour

Headed somewhere the sun doesn't stop shining? You'll need some lightweight outfits that keep you cool (while looking fabulous). This halter top and split skirt outfit fits the bill perfectly: plus, it moves beautifully for videos and photos.

A Relaxed Romper for Days on the Beach

Not all vacations are for high fashion: sometimes you want an outfit that looks effortless but still makes you look terrific. This romper comes in: it's so easy to wear, lightweight, and is perfect for exploring those tropical countries on your bucket list.

You'll Feel Right at Home in These Harem Pants

If you're headed somewhere in the region of Asia, you're going to want to snag these harem pants before you go. Stylish, with just a flare of skin showing, they'll have you feeling fabulous for your whole trip.

Walk Anywhere in Europe In The Most Comfortable Espadrilles

Whether you're summering on the continent this year, you're sure to be a hit if you slip into this pair of espadrilles. They're a classic look that pairs with just about any outfit, making them a must-pack for any vacation.

Go Out On The Town In This Shorts Plus Bandeau Outfit

Sometimes it's a pain to figure out which pieces in your wardrobe go together, especially when you're limited by packing a suitcase. This two piece outfit does the work for you: it's uber cute and will look great if you're buzzing around LA or hitting the shops in Paris.

Stand Out In a Metallic Top

If you're headed to the big city (NYC anyone?) you want to have a few pieces that are truly going to make you pop. This metallic top looks effortless but will make you the star of any pic you take.

These Casual Shorts Are Great for An Adventurer

If you're less likely to be found on a beach and more likely to spend your summer hiking in the mountains, this pair of shorts is a perfect choice! They've got deep pockets, will wear all day quickly, and still, have you looking fly in your selfies (which are more impressive at the peak of a mountain, we have to say).

This Fringe Bodysuit Has Style and Versatility

Bodysuits are one of my favorite secret weapons for putting together amazing outfits. I'm a massive fan of this one because it gives you the silhouette of a simple black bodysuit with all the fringe fun. Pair it with jeans for a more casual look, or go all out with a skirt.

Take the Vegas Strip in This Spangled Dress

Watch out, party capitals of the world: our travelers are coming your way, and they look fantastic. Snag this gorgeous, colorful bodycon dress that hugs your curves and has a fabulous fringe if you're headed somewhere with clubs. All eyes will be on you.

The Comfiest Jumpsuit For All Your Vacation Needs

Are you headed somewhere you're going to be walking in the hot sun? Perhaps exploring ruins in Pompeii or exploring Thailand? A comfy jumpsuit will make you feel put together and keep you from overheating no matter where you are.

This Cute Cardigan Channels Asian Fashion

If you're going to Japan or Korea, get yourself into the local fashion vibes with this ultra-cute Harajuku cardigan featuring a peach print. I love the oversized fit that makes me feel super cozy.

Feel Like a Goddess In This Maxi Dress

Here's a dress that looks casual but elegant all at once. This flowing maxi dress comes in plenty of colors to match your preference and would be a great fit to walk the beach or grab a bite from a sweet cafe.

A Simple Blouse Goes a Long Way

You'd be shocked at how often you'll get usage out of this simple, lightweight blouse. It keeps off the sun while letting breezes cool you, can work with shorts, pants, or skirts, and fits in no matter where you visit. Plus it lets you show off your natural beauty on your Insta while looking effortless.

Go High Fashion With a High/Low Blouse

If you're heading to an important event or want to show off for the evening, this dramatic blouse is for you. It sweeps from high to low and has just the right flair for you to make impressive entrances. Or take fantastic selfies. Or both!

The Oversized Hoodie of Your Dreams

Speaking of oversized, this hoodie is perfect for anyone who wants to channel the popular baggy fashion in Asia. With multiple layers and cuffed sleeves, it has tons of little details that you'll love.

Wrap Yourself Up In an Adorable Wrap Skirt

I love a few things more than skorts: it looks like a skirt and wears shorts. This faux-wrap skort is high on my list whenever I'm traveling. I don't have to worry about the wind blowing my skirt where I don't want it, but I get all the fun of a swooshy dress.

The Perfect Pair of Sunnies, Anywhere On the Globe

I never go on vacation without a solid pair of sunglasses in my back pocket, and these have the smallest bedazzling of rhinestones, making them one of my favorites. They'll add some extra spice to any selfie you take.

A Chic Jumpsuit for the High Rollers

Planning to spend some time rubbing shoulders with the big spenders, you want an outfit that looks the part. This classy wide leg jumpsuit is perfect for having dinner on a rooftop in Paris or chatting with an investor in Singapore.