Our environment can significantly impact our perceptions, and it’s natural to want to make some home changes at the beginning of the year to reflect the new-year-new-me energy. Luckily, we don’t have to buy a new home or break the bank. We have made this list to share with you a few tricks and ideas, such as swapping your shower curtain or getting a bedroom macabre to help you fall in love with your home.

Wall Mirror
This asymmetrical wall mirror will give your room a minimalistic and modern vibe while playing with the light reflections. Mount it in any room and add a sense of art.
Abstract Boho Pillow Cover
Instead of buying a set of throw pillows, you can just get new covers with a modern aesthetic to use as an accent on your sofa. This one is available in two different designs.
Wall Clock
While a wall clock can serve as a wall decor and ornament empty walls, it can also boost productivity by helping you not have to take your phone out whenever you want to check the time.
Macrame Wall Curtain
Get a more bohemian vibe in your bedroom with this macrame hanging curtain. Great to add a more cozy vibe to a space or hide any wall defects.
Positive Aura Posters
Hang these three positive aura posters in your bedroom and let them be a daily reminder for you to take care of yourself, mind, body and soul. The glowy grainy gradient makes for a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.
Ceramic Vases
Decorate your table with this set of minimalistic ceramic vases and use them as a reminder to treat yourself to fresh flowers more often.
Washable Vintage Rug
This area rug is a great way to cozy up your living room while also adding character and, in this case – a vintage feel. This one in multi-red is machine washable.
Geometric Wallpaper
Wallpapers are having a moment, and this one with its gold and white geometric stripes can transform any space from dull and drab to chic and fab. It's also waterproof.
White Sheepskin
If you've had your eyes on a sheepskin, now is the time to get one. It is ultra soft, fluffy, and perfect for making those cold winter nights cozier.
Clear Glass Cloche
Make your candles, cones or souvenirs more noticeable by placing them in a cloche bell jar. They will also protect your items from dust!
Canister Set
This canister set to store your beans, pasta and cereal will make your cooking easier and change the look of your kitchen countertops. These are available in different sizes.
Candle Accessories Set
This candle wick set can be used to take better care of your candles and create a special aromatherapy corner in your living room. Helps you lengthen the life of your favorite candles.
Floating Wall Shelves
Another one to go into the optimization and decoration category, these floating wall shelves are a great way to capitalize on a white wall. Fill them with your favorite books and trinkets and make them a source of positive energy.
Luxury Bathroom Rug
If your bathroom needs a makeover, this luxury bathroom rug will give it a new look while enhancing functionality. It's non-slip and can be machine washed. Available in multiple shades.
Marble Shower Curtain
If it's your bathroom that you're mostly looking to revamp, update your shower curtain with this marble one and invite a more luxurious feel. Shower curtains can collect a lot of dirt, so they must be changed often.
Decorative Garage Door Hinges
If you're looking to update the look of your garden, then these hinge-it magnetic decorative garage door accents might help give your garage a more charming look.
Scented Candle
One that definitely won't break the bank but still hugely influence your home atmosphere is a scented candle. This one made from soy wax is completely chemical-free, and the lavender smell can help to soothe and relax you.
Decorative Books
Another lovely living room trick is placing some decorative books on your coffee table. These will give your home that insta-perfect fashionista vibe.
Round Cotton Trivets
Update your #tablescaping game with this set of round placemats that will add a touch of glam to your kitchen. They are also a lot easier to clean!
Rectangle Tray
This chic tray in baby pink can facilitate breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning or accentuate some bits and bobs on your coffee table.
Golden Rabbit Bookends
Liven up your bookshelf with these fun golden rabbit bookends. Use it to keep your favorite books in place, optimize storage or just as a decoration.
Smeg Electric Kettle
Enhance your tea-drinking experience while improving your kitchen aesthetic with this stylish retro electric SMEG kettle. It's available in eight different colors.
Hello Doormat
Similarly, we rarely think of our doormat, yet it's the first thing that leaves an impression on our guests, and it's an opportunity to be playful. Get this floral one just in time for spring.
Oven Mittens
We usually go way beyond we should before changing our kitchen mittens, yet whether they are clean and playful or oily and old makes a big difference to our kitchen. Replace yours with this lovely marquise pair.
Drawer Organizer
What often gives a home that new feel is optimizing your organization. This Royal Craft wood bamboo kitchen drawer organizer can help to get your cutlery back in shape.
Money Tree Plant
This indoor plant not only enhances the appearance of a space, but numerous studies have shown that plants can boost creativity, reduce stress and eliminate air pollutants. This one is super easy to care for.
Countertop Wine Rack
Use this countertop wine rack to optimize your kitchen space and organize your favorite wine bottles while giving your kitchen that Tuscan-villa vibe.
Shell-Shaped Accent Chairs
When it comes to accent statement pieces, this shell chair is a dream. The soft velvet upholstery gives a lush, luxe feel while the shell shape teleports you to a land of mermaids and fairytales.
Pot & Pan Mounted Rack
This mounted rail hanger rack can revamp your kitchen and give it more of a summer-villa rustic feel while also helping you keep your pans and pots organized.
LED Flush Ceiling Light
Lighting can significantly change a space's ambiance, and this 12-inch-led ceiling light can add more brightness and fluorescence to your living room.
Cork Board
Hang a cork board above your desk and use it as a vision board for 2023. Fill it with your sacred wishes, dreamy destinations and ambitious goals and feel inspired whenever you look up from your desk.
Football Table
Why not use redecoration to plan more fun in your life and get a football table for the boys? Create a game room or put it as an accent in the living room.
Michael Jackson Vinyl Record
Get a vinyl record and use it as an art statement to place on a wall or a coffee table or, if you have a vinyl record, to even enjoy some classic Michael Jackson.
Glazed Ceramic Bowl
This glazed, ceramic, decorative bowl can store fruits, veggies, or anything else you fancy. It has a modern and classy appearance.
Hourglass Sand Timer
While a hourglass was easy to find in our grandpa's cabinet, they are a bit of antique nowadays, hence an ornament that draws attention. While it's a work of art, it can also be utilized as a timer.