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Kim Kardashian West continues to completely surprise — and impress — the masses. Case in point: Despite having no acting experience, Kardashian West’s SNL hosting gig last month was not only a hilarious success, but it also reeled in boosted ratings for the network, in addition to some of the best streaming numbers NBC has seen this year.

In an equally surprising (and impressive!) business move, Kardashian West’s billion-dollar shapewear and lingerie brand, Skims, just dropped a capsule collection with Italian label Fendi. Most recently, Skims launched a line of socks, and the brand is beloved for its barely there undies and cozy leisurewear. Which is to say, this collaboration is a major departure for both Skims and Fendi, marrying the former’s brand’s innovation (and cult-fan status) with the latter’s luxury.

The rundown

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The hype surrounding the collection has not surprisingly reached a pitch — the announcement of the collab last month, after all, went viral — catching the attention of media, influencers and Kardashian West’s family to boot. ICYMI: Kris Jenner was a cat woman for Halloween, wearing a Fendi x Skims bodysuit as her costume. And in a series of videos shared with her 262 million Instagram followers, Kardashian West showed the likes of Heidi Klum prancing around in the collection’s cheeky wares, and Gwyneth Paltrow not only performing her first IG unboxing but also learning the meaning of “snatched.” (As in: Fendi x Skims is going to make the Goop founder snatched.)

While both Kardashian West and Fendi artistic director Kim Jones have issued plenty of statements about the collaboration — reiterating both brands’ “desire to push boundaries” and “challenge convention” — it was Jones’ description of how the partnership came about that resonates the most. “The idea for the collaboration came about when my team and I were sitting around a table at the studio in Rome,” Jones said in a press release. “Suddenly, all the women went silent and started looking at their phones. I didn’t know what was going on, but they were waiting for the launch of the new Skims collection. It was then that I thought: Let’s do something together.”

Rightly so, because truly no one on the planet is better at generating publicity than Kardashian West. In the weeks leading up to today’s drop, the world’s top influencer gave a few sneak peeks of the collection, panning across dozens of pieces hanging perfectly on clothing racks. “You guys, I can’t wait for you to feel these fabrics, so much of it is reversible. … I love this Fendi logo; this chenille is amazing,” she said, showcasing everything from bras and bike shorts to luxe sweater dresses, crop tops and bodysuits. “But my fave are the leather dresses in all of our skims nudes; they are really amazing.”

The lowdown

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So, what does Fendi x Skims look like? Based on a 1979 Fendi collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the capsule focuses on fit — everything, and we mean everything, is skintight — with much of the collection bearing the Skims x Fendi’s hybrid, eye-catching logo, awash in the muted, minimalist color palette that Skims is known for (albeit with the brand’s requisite pops of fuschia, coral, purple and black). Sexy and stretchy, the collection’s fabrics are also on point, ranging from engineered velvets and bonded leather to reversible jersey.

What we’re most surprised about, however, is just how expansive this capsule is. Seriously. Reversible crop tops, scuba swimwear, leather gloves, embossed tights and lingerie, and even a chenille jumpsuit are just a few of the standout items — and that’s not including the ridiculously luxe $4,200 leather dress (her “fave!”) that Kardashian West wore to accept her WSJ Innovator Award in Manhattan last week.

Which brings us to our final point: price. The biggest departure Skims is making with this capsule collection is that the price points are far and away higher than the brand’s normally palatable cost, with pretty much everything ringing in under $50. Fendi x Skims apparel starts at $100 for most shapewear and undergarments but jumps up to a whopping $850 for select tops, pants and dresses; leggings cost $1,110; the puffer jacket worn by Kardashian West in her IG announcement of the collection rings in at $2,950.

Bottom line

With pricing as such, Fendi x Skims isn’t targeting mainstream shoppers, but it will nevertheless sell out — fast. Check out the full collection here, and if you’re lucky enough to snag an item, be sure to share it on the ’gram. You never know who might repost it.