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This article is part of Spring Fashion Month, where we’re breaking down your must-have fashion pieces for the next few months. From denim jackets to comfy sandals, we’re asking editors, influencers and experts about the go-to pieces they wear through spring and beyond.

With new seasons comes the opportunity for a fresh start. Whether you’re planning to get some deep cleaning done or set new goals for yourself, spring is the perfect time to take a step back and take a closer look at the things in our life that we often set to autopilot, including your wardrobe.

“Spring is defined by new beginnings,” explains NYC-based art world professional Jack Nelson. “It’s a moment to reintroduce vibrancy and light into our days, and it’s an opportunity for us all to consider our personal redefinitions or our style evolutions.” Hazel Morley, Bonobos’ vice president of design, echoes this sentiment. “As the weather starts to thaw, it’s a great time to be more playful and add some color or a fun print into your wardrobe.”

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“Take the time to properly evaluate what you can eliminate from the year prior and assess the new pieces you want [to] usher in,” explains Todd Snyder, fashion designer and founder of the eponymous fashion label. “A best practice is to start with refreshing the quintessential wardrobe staples … Once the foundation is set, then look to layer on the more conversational and trend-forward pieces.”

It’s also good to keep in mind the “unpredictable nature of transitional seasons,” explains NYC-based fashion designer Max Kitabayashi, who shares that “smart layering is key” when it comes to effective spring dressing. But most importantly, a spring wardrobe refresh should be an opportunity to have fun with fashion. “I think versatility and quality are things to always look for when shopping for new pieces,” explains professional stylist Fred Kim. “But men’s fashion has come such a long way and I’d like to encourage men to explore brighter colors and bolder silhouettes.”

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Ahead, we’ve consulted stylists, influencers, editors, designers and other sartorial enthusiasts on their favorite brands and pieces, and compiled it into this guide aimed at helping you craft your perfect spring wardrobe.

Where to buy T-shirts

Buck Mason

underscored buck mason

Buck Mason is a menswear brand all about the very best essentials, well loved for its commitment to craftsmanship and consistent high quality. Each of the brand’s designs are produced in the States and are “a riff on an iconic American staple.” So it’s no surprise that when it comes to the most essential of basics — T-shirts — Buck Mason is where our experts look. “I have tees from Buck Mason from 2015 that feel and fit just as new now,” raves Kim. The brand’s attention to details is clear from the universally flattering fit and durable fabric choices.


underscored uniqlo

The Japanese casual wear brand has been quickly embraced by people around the world, and for good reason. Beloved for its high-quality clothing at impressively affordable prices, Uniqlo is unmatched when it comes to timeless and functional staples that outperform similarly priced competitors. Recommended by multiple of our experts as their go-to destination for T-shirts, the brand’s range of high-quality, comfortable options — think different colors, silhouettes and fabrics — makes it so that there truly is something for every guy.


underscored BYLT

Spring dressing is all about a smart transitional wardrobe, and Bylt specializes in just that. The men’s clothing brand excels in comfortable, durable basics that are meant to be worn throughout the year and in all sorts of occasions — from the gym to the office to date night and everything in between. The brand’s tees are a favorite of Roy Lee’s, our operations and strategy lead. “It’s admittingly an Instagram purchase,” he shares. “But I’m glad they targeted me because the fit is great,” he explains, and “the quality is amazing.”

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Banana Republic

underscored banana republic

Timeless and sophisticated yet still accessible, Banana Republic is well known for its range of casual to formal clothing. The brand’s tees are particularly standout, especially given the variety of styles, fits and colors available. It’s a favorite among both experts and everyday guys we spoke to, who were all impressed with the quality and overall range offered by the brand. “I’ve been super impressed with Banana Republic lately,” shares Kenger. “It’s great to know you can count on them for basics.” Mike Bruno, our vice president of commerce, suggests stocking up when the brand runs sales, sometimes with markdowns at 50% off.

Where to buy button-downs

Todd Snyder

underscored todd snyder

Founded by designer Todd Snyder, the brand was inspired by Snyder’s love of New York City and its fashion, along with the desire for quintessential wardrobe staples that could help men dress smarter. You’ll find well-tailored, beautifully designed and expertly crafted pieces across product categories, though the brand’s commitment to fit and quality is particularly standout when it comes to its button-downs.


underscored j.crew

“Button-downs immediately make me think of J.Crew,” shares Smith. “And no, not because they are inherently a preppy article of clothing, but because J.Crew has been doing them forever … Dare I say they’ve mastered them?” The timeless brand is a go-to for just about any type of classic clothing you’re looking for. Effortlessly stylish while consistently functional and high quality, the brand’s range of button-downs is crucial when it comes to such an essential piece. “They offer more cuts, patterns and colors than can fit in a single wardrobe, so there is truly something for everyone,” Smith explains.

Charles Tyrwitt

underscored Charles Tyrwitt

British clothing brand Charles Tyrwitt specializes in formal menswear, and over the past 37 years has amassed a global fan base that stretches far beyond its original London storefront on Jermyn Street. Timeless yet stylish with a “pinch of British charm,” as founder Nick Wheeler describes, Charles Tyrwitt focuses on high-quality, responsible pieces that’ll make you look like a million dollars sans the luxury prices. In fact, the brand believes in the quality of its pieces so much so that it guarantees them for up to six months — in any condition and no questions asked. A CNN Underscored staff favorite, it’s a perfect brand for stocking up on button-downs for the office or for a special occasion.

Perte D’ego

underscored Perte D'ego

If you’re looking for totally unique, beautiful button-downs, look no further than Perte D’ego. The new menswear brand is based out of Noida, India, and focuses on ethical working conditions and sustainability. It’s even established its own zero-waste studio where designs are made in small batches — restocks happen only when there’s sufficient demand. “The craftsmanship of their embroidered button-downs is unparalleled, and at a price point that isn’t going to send you into distress,” shares Nelson. “This is an excellent brand for the person who wants to experiment with patterns because their textiles have a timeless quality to them,” he explains. “Every shirt that I have from them has served me more well than I had expected, largely because they’ve achieved vibrant patterns that can be styled so universally.”


underscored reiss

The British fashion brand is well loved for its high-quality essential pieces — many of which have a high-fashion twist. While its classic-contemporary styles can get pricey, there is a good amount of more affordable options on the brand’s website. In short, our experts and everyday guys both agree that Reiss shouldn’t be overlooked as a go-to destination for when you’re looking to spend a little more on something that looks great and will last. Especially when it comes to the brand’s button-downs.