Everyone Vintage Jean

One of the things we love about Everlane is that the denim is made for a range of bodies. Waist gap due to an hourglass shape? Hello, Curvy denim collection. Thicker thighs from squats at the gym? Guys can pick up a pair of the athletic fit jeans. Now, however, the brand has made things more inclusive than ever with the Everyone Vintage Jean, which just launched on March 18 and is truly made for everyone.

Any pair of jeans can be worn by any gender, of course — the binary exists only when it comes to manufacturer’s fits — but this denim takes cues from the ’90s styles currently in fashion to create a great androgynous jean that flatters a range of body shapes and types.

Everlane's latest denim drop comes with a new size range that corresponds to men's and women's sizes. The result is a genderless jean made for every body type.

This denim was made with an obsession for nailing the right fit and getting every detail right: The company used five different prototypes and more than 50 people to get exactly the right fit, and it even developed a new sizing scale that forms the bridge between traditional binary men’s and women’s sizing. Instead of looking for a size 14 or a size 30, you can shop sizes E1 through E12, each with corresponding sizes on the men’s and women’s sides of things.

The Everyone Jean comes in three washes so you can pick the one that suits your style, and it retails for $118. Plus, the jeans are made from 100% organic cotton, and they’re in line with Everlane’s standard ethical manufacturing processes, so you can feel good about wearing them too.

Shop the new collection at Everlane now before washes and sizes sell out.