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A good wallet is more than just a way to carry cash and cards. It’s one of few essentials that men keep close and handle daily. Gone are the days of big billfolds that feel like a lump of coal in your pocket. Menswear brands and style experts have turned toward more compact and convenient carriers that combine function with comfort and sharp silhouettes.

“I like to keep wallets trim and streamlined” so they don’t interrupt the line of a jacket or jean pocket, says Matt Hranek, founder and editor of WM Brown Magazine. They can be a nod to personal style or relatively timeless, but top-rated wallets adhere to a few principal criteria.

“Look for something that is classic, handsome and that will wear nicely in your back pocket without taking up so much space,” says Preston Konrad, lifestyle expert and founder of Preston Konrad Home. Doing so doesn’t have to mean making a huge dent in your existing wallet either. We consulted experts for their picks of the best top-rated wallets for men.

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet ($89;

Bellroy Hide & Seek Wallet

Konrad is a fan of Bellroy for its simple, hard-wearing leather goods. “Their wallets are made of premium durable materials, they feel good in the hand and claim to really age well, which is something I always look for in a leather wallet,” he says. Konrad also notes the Bellroy Hide & Seek offers RFID protection for credit cards.

Tanner Goods Journeyman Front Slim 4-Card Slot Wallet ($75;

Tanner Goods Journeyman Front Slim 4-Card Slot Wallet

Hranek’s pick for a leather wallet that refines with age comes from Tanner Goods. “Their natural leather beautifully coco patinas as you hold it and use it,” he says.

Tanner Goods Utility Bifold ($110;

Tanner Goods Utility Bifold

For a wallet with more secure storage, this bifold has four card slots, two hidden pockets and a lengthwise pocket for bills. It’s also available in four gorgeous leather shades.

Billykirk No. 427 Bifold Card Case ($75;

Billykirk No. 427 Bifold Card Case

“Billykirk is a small American brand that is doing really well-crafted, small-format wallets in beautiful natural leather,” Hranek says.

Shinola Utility Folded Leather Card Holder ($145;

Shinola Utility Folded Leather Card Holder

Detroit-based men’s brand Shinola is also known for handcrafted and durable goods designed to be well used and worn out, such as this beautifully crafted leather card holder.

M-Clip Polished Border Money Clip ($119.95;

M-Clip Polished Border Money Clip

Hranek carries a money clip in his front pocket, reserving slim wallets only for cards. “I love money clips, and I always look for unadulterated, straightforward, almost paper clip-style,” he says.

With its streamlined design and durable steel construction, this clip is just about as classic as you can get.

Tumi Nassau Money Clip Card Case ($85;

Tumi Nassau Money Clip Card Case

“If you’re looking for a Prada look without the Prada price, I always love Tumi,” Konrad says. “It’s all black and features minimal branding,” he notes of the brand’s Nassau Money Clip Card Case. “If you sat down in a business meeting and put it on the table, you could get a little street cred for the Tumi brand without it being over the top.”

Comme des Garçons Huge Logo Half-Zip Wallet ($173;

Comme des Garçons Huge Logo Half-Zip Wallet

Note that a big brand name necessarily comes with a hefty price tag. “I can’t recommend Comme des Garçons’ half-zip wallets enough,” says Jian DeLeon, Nordstrom Men’s fashion and editorial director. “Sure, they’re available in classic leather colors, but I like to switch things up every now and then with one of their statement textiles.”

Want Les Essentiels Branson Leather Card Case ($105;

Want Les Essentiels Branson Leather Card Case

“If you’re an understated luxury kind of guy, I think Want Les Essentiels [is] a really nice lane to go down,” Konrad says, noting the minimal branding on the face. “It’s nice and slim and would pair beautifully with a suit.”

Filson Outfitter Wallet ($125;

Filson Outfitter Wallet

When it comes to casual and utilitarian, Filson remains a trusted mainstay. “What I love about Filson wallets is their heirloom quality without being too pricey,” DeLeon says. “What you’re looking for in a reliable billfold is quality leather that’ll slowly stretch and conform to the stuff you put inside it, and this wallet will definitely do that.”

Filson Outfitter Card Case ($105;

Filson Outfitter Card Case

If card cases are more your style, this one from Filson comes with six slots for your essentials, and the brand’s signature rugged twill exterior.

Carhartt Oil Tan Passcase Wallet ($32.99;

Carhartt Oil Tan Passcase Wallet

“For a guy who likes a billfold, Carhartt makes an oil-tanned leather wallet” that’s affordable but still refined, Hranek says of the Passcase.

Herschel Hank Wallet (starting at $26.02;

Herschel Hank Wallet

“If someone is just more of a casual guy in general, or you’re shopping for someone younger, Herschel is a great option,” Konrad says. “The Hank Wallet is a really cool utilitarian option that’s relatively indestructible.”