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Last winter, you couldn’t walk down the streets of New York City or scroll through social media without seeing the “Amazon Coat,” a puffy down jacket made famous by its modest price (it starts at $107 on Amazon), high quality and loved-by-influencers style. And while its viral fame (followed soon after by the still-trending Amazon ‘nightgown dress’) has given it a celebrity status of its own (the coat has its own Instagram account), it’s still a go-to winter jacket for many, including me.

The Amazon coat has kept me warm during snowstorms and polar vortexes, but I find it too heavy for everyday wear. Fall is all about lighter outerwear, like leather jackets, fleeces and my personal favorite, teddy coats.


While “teddy coats,” “teddy bear coats” or “pixie coats” have been trending for a while (they took off last year when celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Eva Chen sported their favorite takes on the trend at NYFW 2018) the faux fur look has had staying power due to its timeless classic feel. It doesn’t hurt that the coats are as snuggly and comforting as a stuffed bear, hence the name.

While the most popular iteration of this trend is a caramel-colored, oversized jacket with pockets, teddy coats have evolved to also feature elegant lapels and sleek silhouettes, adorable pastel colors and even super cozy detachable hoods.

And despite the teddy coat being an easy going, comfortable trend, getting your hands on one can easily set you back over $100. Enter, the Faux Shearling Jacket from PrettyGarden.

The $32 Amazon teddy coat

The Faux Shearling Jacket is very similar to the coat that started the teddy jacket trend, and it’s available for just over $30 on Amazon. Available in two different styles, a combined 15 colors and six different sizes, from small to 3XL, its affordable price tag has made it a hit with influencers and everyday people alike.

I first saw the teddy bear jacket at a friend’s housewarming party, where we were in awe over how soft it was. After that, I began to see it everywhere — during my commute and on my Instagram feed. So of course, I had to test it out.

Putting the coat to the test

My friend ordered the zip up in dark green, and I’ve seen the zip up in khaki everywhere. It’s the most classic looking version of a teddy coat, but already having a similar option, I opted for the zip up in white. White faux fur, or shearling, can look cheap, so I was curious how the material would look in person.


I went for a small size since I’m typically between a small and extra small, and it ended up being just the right, slightly oversized fit. That being said, if I was looking to wear this coat all winter or over thick sweaters, ordering the jacket in a medium might achieve a slightly more dramatic oversized look. Definitely size up when it comes to this jacket.

The Faux Shearling Jacket is extremely soft and surprisingly warm. The material is only described as “artificial fiber” on Amazon, and though it doesn’t feel quite as luxurious as what you think of when you imagine traditional faux fur, the material looks (and feels just as soft as) the teddy bear material on similar coats.

The white faux shearling looks cheaper than darker, more neutral options. So if I were to buy this coat as a gift, I would opt for the black, dark green or one of the brown shades. You get what you pay for when it comes to the zipper. It’s difficult to maneuver at first, so be sure to use it slowly and steadily.


My favorite part, of course, is the price of the Faux Shearling Jacket. For just over $30, you’re getting a coat that’s equal parts trendy and practical. You’ll want to live in it all fall, and beyond if you’re in a climate that doesn’t require a parka during the winter.

Whether you opt for the more tailored option with a collar, lapel and double-breasted buttons, or the casual, easy to throw over anything zip up, the comfort of the Faux Shearling Jacket is well worth its price.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.