Allbirds first caught on among the tech crowd, but it’s safe to say they’ve become mainstream at this point: The wool (yes, wool) everyday trainers are known for being super comfortable for all-day wear, eco-minded and machine-washable when they get gross — not to mention long-lasting and durable.

But what you might not know is that the company makes shoes for little feet too, and the brand’s Smallbirds collection has just returned in time for the holidays. Starting today, you can shop styles for little feet in sizes 5T through 10T.

Smallbirds, Allbirds' too cute line for toddlers, has returned in time for keeping little feet warm this winter.

They’re super easy to slip on and off, and they’re cushioned for feet that play and explore hard all day. Styles are cute as can be too — we’re talking shearling-style sneakers for toddlers here, people.

The Wool Runners are made from ZQ Merino (so they’re soft, not scratchy) and are machine-washable for muddy days, just like the grown-up version. The uppers are knit, so they conform to the feet and avoid chafing and rubbing, and that wool does just as great of a job in the winter keeping feet warm as it does for our bodies when it’s in sweater form. (Should you wind up passing these down in the summer to an even more junior sibling, wool is equally cooling in the heat too.) The outsole’s SweetFoam is pretty cool as well — it’s made from Brazilian sugarcane and produced with the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA polymer.

Don’t miss out on the Smallbirds relaunch. They’d surely make an ideal stocking stuffer that will delight both little ones and their parents.