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If you’re a loyal fan of The Legend of Zelda franchise, there’s a good chance you’ve got a couple dozen Amiibo that have been collecting dust since you rolled credits on Breath of the Wild. Thankfully, with the recent release of Tears of the Kingdom, all those Link and Zelda figures — as well as those of their friends and foes — can once again be leveraged to do much more than express your fandom.

The sequel supports all 26 Amiibo based on the series, allowing players to save some serious time by tapping their way to themed goodies, valuable gear and other in-game resources. Most of the collectibles work just as they did with Breath of the Wild, granting quick access to weapons, loot-containing crates, cooking and crafting materials and other items.

Of course, the real draw are those coveted armor sets, letting fans outfit their Hylian hero in their favorite green caps, tunics and trousers from past adventures. Tears of the Kingdom also introduces precious paraglider fabrics, encouraging you to tailor the all-important navigational tool with style to spare.

But while the Zelda-based Amiibo unlock all these items and more, it’s important to note acquiring your most sought-after gear could take some time. The plastic NFC playthings not only drop items randomly but can only be used once per day. Stick with it, though, and you just might score that Biggoron Sword you’ve been waiting to wield or your favorite equipment sets from one of Link’s previous Ganondorf-crushing quests.

Regardless of what you hope to discover when those treasure chests begin dropping from the sky, we’ve got you covered with a full breakdown of every Zelda Amiibo — from Super Smash Bros. Link to Tears of the Kingdom Link — and what they could unlock when scanned into your Switch.

super smash bros link amiibo cnnu.jpg

If you want to saddle up on the series’ iconic steed Epona, the first Link Amiibo ever released has got your back. This one’s also not shy about granting swords, shields and fruit. But if it’s the Twilight cap, tunic and trousers you seek, you’ll probably need to put in some extra tapping time.

super smash bros young link amiibo cnnu.jpg

This more youthful take on the princess-rescuing protagonist will also grant you plenty of goodies when scanned daily. Odds are it will mostly stock you up on raw meat, but keep scanning and you could score the Soldier’s Claymore or, even better, the Biggoron’s Sword.

super smash bros toon link amiibo cnnu.jpg

Those looking to dress Link in his Wind Waker duds will want to scan this Amiibo until they acquire the set’s cap, tunic and trousers. But before you complete the armor, plan on securing some boomerangs, swords and lots of fish.

Super Smash Bros. Zelda

super smash bros zelda amiibo cnnu.jpg

If you want to adorn your paraglider with the Princess of Twilight fabric, you’ll want to scan in the royal lady herself. The SSB series’ Zelda Amiibo may also grant you cooking ingredients, as well as a variety of bows, including that of the rare Dusk variety.

Super Smash Bros. Ganondorf

super smash bros ganondorf amiibo cnnu.jpg

Those craving a more menacing look for their paraglider can use the SSB series’ Ganondorf figure, as it unlocks the Demon King fabric. Other rare drops include the Dusk and Gerudo Claymores, while more common items are gems, meat and — watch your head! — exploding barrels.

Super Smash Bros. Sheik

supper smash bros sheik amiibo cnnu.jpg

Not to be outdone by her more famous friends and foes, Sheik’s Amiibo unlocks a veritable arsenal, including the Eightfold Blade, Shield of the Mind’s Eye and Phrenic Bow. The rare Sheik Mask and Sheik paraglider fabric are also up for grabs.

twilight princess wolf link amiibo cnnu.jpg

Hope you’re hungry, as this beastly, Midna-ferrying take on our favorite fantasy hero isn’t shy about showering you in meat. But with some persistence — and probably a large stockpile of steaks in your inventory — you’ll eventually unlock the Mirror of Twilight fabric.

8 bit link amiibo cnnu.jpg

The 30th Anniversary Zelda series gave us a trio of Link figures, but only this 8-bit take holds the power to grant fans the Pixel fabric and Hero armor set. When not dropping you the classic cap, tunic, trousers or paraglider skin, you can expect this pixelated Amiibo to keep you well stocked in swords.

ocarina of time link amiibo cnnu.jpg

Those preferring the Nintendo 64-inspired Time armor set will want to tap their 30th Anniversary series’ Ocarina Link. This Amiibo may also give you raw meat, swords and the Lon Lon Ranch fabric variant for your paraglider.

wind waker toon link amiibo cnnu.jpg

Want your paraglider to mimic the style of Link’s boat in Wind Waker? This Amiibo’s got you covered with the King of Red Lions fabric. And like the SSB series Toon Link, this one might also gift you his Wind armor set. More common unlocks include swords, boomerangs and fish.

30th Anniversary Wind Waker Toon Zelda

wind waker toon zelda amiibo cnnu.jpg

This toon take on Link’s better half will drop plenty of precious stones, including those of the coveted Luminous variety, and many herbs before parting with the really good stuff. With some persistence, though, the princess will eventually unlock the Bygone Royal fabric and maybe even the Sea Breeze Shield.

botw link rider amiibo cnnu.jpg

If you didn’t catch the Amiibo craze until Breath of the Wild’s release, no worries, as the groundbreaking game introduced five of the collectible statuettes, including Rider Link. In addition to being an incredibly cool sculpt, this Amiibo can score you the Soldier’s Broadsword and Hylian Hood fabric.

botw link archer amiibo cnnu.jpg

The second BotW Link Amiibo is the Archer figure, which will appropriately arm you with the Soldier’s Bow. Keep tapping, though, as it also holds the power to grant you the Tunic of Memories fabric for your paraglider.

Breath of the Wild Zelda

botw zelda amiibo cnnu.jpg

Zelda’s BotW Amiibo is also prepared to pretty up your paraglider, with the aptly dubbed Hyrule Princess fabric. But before you secure that rare drop, expect to see lots of cooking ingredients and stones — including some valuable ones — falling from the sky.

Breath of the Wild Bokoblin

botw bokoblin amiibo cnnu.jpg

The BotW Amiibo series also gave fans a couple of baddies, beginning with the club-wielding Bokoblin. Despite his menacing mug and aggressive nature, this little foe will generously offer you a variety of Bokoblin weapons and gear as well as the Bokoblin paraglider fabric.

Breath of the Wild Guardian

botw guardian amiibo cnnu.jpg

More often than not this spidery, metallic threat will shower you with rusty swords and shields. But keep at it, scanning this Amiibo daily, and you could score the Ancient Blade and Ancient Sheikah fabric.

Breath of the Wild Champion Daruk

botw champion daruk amiibo cnnu.jpg

BotW also gave us the Champion series Amiibo, a beefy collection of four Calamity Ganon-battling buddies. Hulking Goron Daruk will drop common resources, such as rock salt, as well as the Cobble Crusher. But the big warrior with a bigger heart also holds the Vah Rudania Divine Helm and Gorn Champion fabric.

Breath of the Wild Champion Mipha

botw champion mipha cnnu.jpg

Unsurprisingly, this amphibious ally will drop plenty of fish as well as the Zora Spear. But with some frequent scanning, you may find she also unlocks her Vah Ruta Divine Helm and the Zora Champion fabric.

Breath of the Wild Champion Revali

botw revali amiibo cnnu.jpg

This winged warrior is quite generous when it comes to showering you with arrows and fruit. The Swallow and Falcon bows are also up for grabs. His Vah Medoh Divine Helm and the Rito Champion fabric are in the mix as well, but plan on putting in some time before acquiring these rarer drops.

Breath of the Wild Champion Urbosa

botw urbosa amiibo cnnu.jpg

This Gerudo Champion will happily stuff your inventory with raw meat as well as the occasional weapon. Like her fellow warriors, though, she’s also holding her own helm and fabric, the Vah Naboris Divine and Gerudo Champion, respectively.

link's awakening amiibo cnnu.jpg

This Link-focused series of Amiibo gave us four versions of the plucky protagonist, including this Link’s Awakening figure. In addition to potentially unlocking the mask, trousers and tunic of the Awakening armor set, this one also holds the paraglider Egg fabric.

majoras mask link amiibo cnnu.jpg

If it’s the rare Fierce Deity set you’re after, this Link Amiibo should be scanned daily until you unlock its mask, boots and armor. The figure’s more common drops include mushrooms and swords, including the Knight’s Broadsword.

skyward sword link amiibo cnnu.jpg

More often than not, the Skyward Sword Link Amiibo will gift you with arrows and weapons, including, potentially, the White Sword of the Sky blade. But keep at it, and you may also be surprised by the Sky set’s cap, tunic and trousers as well as the Sword Spirit paraglider fabric.

twilight princess link amiibo cnnu.jpg

In terms of unlockable items, this Twilight Princess Link packs the same goodies as his Super Smash Bros. counterpart, including loyal mount Epona. You can also plan on securing plenty of fruit and weapons before eventually acquiring the Twilight armor set.

The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Zelda and Loftwing

skyward sword zelda loftwing amiibo cnnu.jpg

As with the other Princess Zelda Amiibo, this royal sculpt will unlock plenty of precious gems and cooking resources. Scan the figure daily, however, and you just might find the Goddess fabric falling from the sky.

totk link amiibo cnnu.jpg

The fourteenth — and final — Link Amiibo on the list is also the most recent. Launched alongside Tears of the Kingdom, this newest version of the iconic hero will most often drop mushrooms and swords. Keep scanning, though, as this figure also possesses the power to grant the Champion’s Leather fabric for your paraglider.