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Constantly losing your keys, wallet or TV remote? Tile is a small accessory you can attach to your personal items, and using a smartphone app, it will help you track it down.

On Tuesday, Tile expanded its product lineup by adding a waterproof sticker, a redesigned version of the tried-and-true Slim tracker, and updates to the Mate and Pro trackers.

Better yet the new Sticker, Slim, Mate and Pro trackers are available starting today from Tile.com.

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The Tile Sticker is a small, round device that’s roughly the same thickness as most smartphones, with a range of 150-feet. Tile partnered with 3M to come up with a strong, waterproof adhesive that can attach the tracker metal or plastic materials – perfect for that Apple TV remote that you can never find. The battery lasts three years, and like Slim, is not rechargeable.

You can get Tile Sticker in a 2-pack for $39, or a 4-pack for $59.

The Slim now looks like a credit card, instead of a small square, and should slide comfortably into a wallet. It’s the thickness of two credit cards, has a range of 200 feet, and has a battery life of three years. You can’t replace the battery in the new Slim. Once the battery dies, you’ll need to get a new one. Thankfully, the Slim is $29, so it’s not terribly expensive.

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Tile also updated the Mate and Pro trackers, extending their range to 200 and 400 feet, respectively. The Mate or Pro are ideal trackers to attach to a child’s coat, or even throw in a backpack. The Pro has the loudest ring volume of any Tile tracker, with the Mate taking second honors. Both devices have a place for a key ring and have a replaceable battery. Buy a Tile Mate for $24, or a Tile Pro for $34.

Last month, there were rumors that Apple was going to release its own tracker or tag that worked in a similar manner. The September iPhone event came and went without an announcement, making Tiles announcement today appealing for those – like me – who can never find their keys.

Check out the whole new Tile lineup here.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.