underscored samsung g9 curved gaming monitor
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Samsung is launching two new gaming monitors in the second quarter of 2020. First, if you want to go big or go home, there is a massive 49-inch G9 monitor with curved screen and high resolution that should provide one of the most immersive gaming experiences on the market.

The G9 is a clear step up from Samsung’s two previous 49-inch monitors, the CHG90 OLED ($999.99) and the CRG9 Dual QHD Monitor ($1,299.99). It will be the world’s first Dual Quad HD display with a resolution of 5120 x 1440, so you should see more detail, and you shouldn’t have any blur or frame-rate drops with a 240Hz refresh rate and 1-millisecond response time. That’s nearly double the refresh rate of the previous products, and when compared to the $999.99 49” you’re getting nearly double the resolution.

The G9 also features Samsung’s Quantum Dot technology, which is the same tech used on its flagship QLED TVs. It is designed to deliver more vibrant colors and crisper blacks. Unlike OLEDs, you can expect less burnout of individual pixels since these are lit from the panel and not individually. The Quantum Dot layer in front produces the color and works in conjunction with the LED panel. All of this is packaged in a sweet new design that features a glossy white outer shell and an LED core on the back that looks kind of like Iron Man’s cores. You can pick from 52 colors. For a gaming setup, it means you don’t have to purchase LED strips to create a lighting effect that will get you in the gaming mood.

underscored samsung g7 curved gaming monitor

Those looking for something smaller can opt for the G7, available in 27-inch and 32-inch sizes. These also use a QLED display and feature a 2560 x 1440 resolution, 240Hz refresh rate and 1-millisecond response time, specs on par with the 49” G9. You also get the immersiveness of a curved monitor in a smaller form factor, but with a sharper display over what Samsung currently offers (QLED vs a 1080p panel). We’re also expecting these to be more expensive than the current 24-inch or 27-inch CRG5 Monitors that max out at $399.99. Like the larger G9, the two G7 models also have an LED core on the back paired with a matte black exterior. Both the G9 and G7 have support for NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync, which means these monitors can work in conjunction with graphics cards that support the standard.

Samsung’s G9 and G7 curved gaming monitors will launch in the second quarter of 2020, and the release should be timed for some great game releases come June.

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