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Roku’s better known for its streaming devices, speakers and more recently Roku-branded televisions. But slowly and quietly Roku’s smart home lineup with cameras, lights and even a doorbell continues to grow and expand.

The latest addition to the smart home lineup is the $100 Roku Home Monitoring System SE that’s available to order right now from Roku. If you’d rather pick one up from Walmart, you can get one from the retailer online or in stores on May 15.

The Roku Home Monitoring System SE includes multiple sensors and Roku OS support for easily keeping tabs on your home in the event of an emergency.

The Home Monitoring System SE is a home security system that uses a combination of sensors to watch over your home and alert you if someone breaks into your house. It comes with two entry sensors that you can place on doors or windows, a motion sensor, a hub with a built-in siren and a keypad.

You can opt to self-monitor your home, relying on alerts from the various sensors and — hypothetically — any home security cameras you have installed, or you can sign up for 24/7 professional monitoring that’s powered by Noonlight for $10 per month or $100 per year. New subscribers who sign up for the annual plan will get 50% off their first year.

The Roku Home Monitoring System SE is actually a white-label version of the Wyze Home Monitoring System SE. But Roku is trying to set itself apart from the rebranded Wyze hardware it’s currently using for its smart home products by integrating it all into Roku OS, the software that powers all of Roku’s streaming services and devices.

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For instance, Roku will release an update to Roku OS in the coming weeks that allows you to see a countdown and alert when the home security system switches modes or a sensor is triggered. You’ll also gain the ability to view your Roku camera event history directly on your TV, along with the ability to better control your lights using your voice.

You can order the $100 Roku Home Monitoring System SE right now from Roku.