Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 underscored lead
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Ring just released the $59 Video Doorbell Wired, but the company has another doorbell ready for the masses. The Video Doorbell Pro 2 is the exact opposite of the entry-level Video Doorbell Wired. The $249.99 Pro 2 is packed full of features, most of which are brand new to Ring’s product lineup. From 3D motion detection to a new bird’s eye view feature there’s a lot to like about the Pro 2. On paper, at least.

You can preorder the Pro 2 for $249.99 and orders will begin shipping on March 31.

Let’s start with the basic specs. The Pro 2 doesn’t have a new look or design. In fact, it looks a lot like the Video Doorbell Wired, only bigger. There’s a single camera lens on the front, just above a button that visitors push to ring your doorbell. The camera will capture 1536p HD video (better than standard HD, but not 4K quality) that can capture a picture from “head-to-toe” of whoever is standing at your door, and it has an array microphone to capture clear and crisp audio.

ring head to toe feature

What’s most interesting about the Pro 2 is the new 3D motion feature and a feature Ring is calling Bird’s Eye View. Using the new 3D Motion tech, the Pro 2 can better detect how far away someone is from the camera and monitor their movement. Hopefully this means there will be fewer false alerts for motion like leaf blowing across your yard.

The Pro 2 uses radar sensors to measure how far away an object is, and will only send alerts or begin recording whenever it crosses the threshold you set in the app.

Ring uses the precision of 3D Motion with Bird’s Eye View to create a map of where the person has walked on your property while they were within view of the camera. Color-coded dots are placed on a satellite image of your property that’s shown as a small picture-in-picture image when you’re in live view or watching past recordings. As you may suspect, a Ring Protect Plan is required to view past recordings.

The map should provide peace of mind, showing you exactly where the person has been on your property before ringing your doorbell. However, it would be nice if the feature extended to other Ring cameras that a user has set up around their home. But we imagine that Ring will have to add the 3D Motion feature that adds the accuracy required to make a map to the rest of its line of cameras. Rounding out the Pro 2 is support for Alexa greetings, quick replies, privacy zones and rich notifications.

It’s by far the most capable video doorbell in Ring’s lineup now, and we can’t wait to check it out. We were impressed with the company’s latest doorbell even though it lacked a lot of advanced features. Hopefully, the 3D Motion is truly a big improvement for motion detection tech. If you’re sold, you can preorder the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 for $249.99.