Ring Indoor Cam 2023 preorders cnnu

Ring has another new home security product in the form of an updated Ring Indoor Cam that improves on our pick for the best budget indoor security camera.

Ring didn’t make a whole lot of changes with the $60 Indoor Cam (2023), but it did make a fairly important addition: a privacy cover that swivels open and closed across the Indoor Cam’s lens. By physically covering the camera’s lens, the camera disables all audio and video recording.

The new Ring Indoor Cam improves on one of our favorite security cameras with a physical privacy shutter for added peace of mind when you don't want to be recorded.

It’s an addition that makes sense for a camera that is meant to be placed inside your home by providing an extra layer of privacy that users can physically see in place. The cover leaves no doubt whether or not the camera can see you.

If you have an older Indoor Cam, you can purchase a privacy kit that includes the cover for $10.

The new Indoor Cam has all of the same core features as the previous model. That means you’ll get a security camera that records 1080p video with Color Night Vision. You can, of course, monitor the camera’s feed and even have two-way audio conversations using the Ring app as well as receive alerts when the camera detects motion.

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The Indoor Cam can be mounted on a wall, hung from an overhang or ceiling or placed on a shelf. The privacy cover will still work in any of those orientations.

Ring is taking preorders for the 2023 version of its Indoor Cam, with orders shipping on May 24. It’s available in white or black. If you’re on a tighter budget and can live without a privacy cover, the first-gen version is currently on sale for $20.