Got a PS4 or Xbox One collecting dust? Here's what to do with it
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If you were lucky enough to secure a PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, you might find yourself with an old PS4 or Xbox One that’s been banished to a corner to collect dust. But there’s plenty you can do with your old consoles, whether you want to trade them in for some extra cash or repurpose them for yourself or a loved one.

The PS4 and Xbox One are two popular platforms with huge libraries of games (and more still on the way), so there’s still plenty of demand for them if you want to sell yours. And there’s also nothing wrong with handing them down to a younger gamer in your life or donating them to a good cause.

Whatever you do, don’t let your PS4 or Xbox One rot in your graveyard of unused tech. Here’s our guide on how to make the most out of your old consoles.

Trade them in

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If you’re looking to recoup some of the cost of your $500 PS5 or Xbox Series X, trading in your old console is a no-brainer. Many top retailers and trade-in websites are still offering decent value for the previous-generation consoles, and that cash can go toward new games or accessories for your fancy new system.

Most major retailers and resellers have a similar process for selling your old console. You pick your exact model from the website — make sure to pay attention to things like whether it has a 500GB or 1TB hard drive, or whether or not it’s a special limited edition. If you’re trading in a console online, you’ll also be asked to outline what kind of condition your system is in and whether you have the original cables and accessories. The better condition your console is in, the more you’ll get for it.

Once you’ve filled out the necessary fields, you’ll be sent a shipping label for the products you’re trading in. Before you pack up your old PS4 or Xbox One, be sure to delete all data and user accounts from the machine, and turn off parental controls. This could affect the value of your machine and how quickly you’ll get paid for it.

After that’s done, you can ship your old console out and will be notified about payment via email. If you’re using an in-store option such as GameStop, you can simply print out an estimate and bring it to your nearest brick-and-mortar location.

Here are some places we recommend checking out to get the most cash out of your aging PS4 or Xbox One. We’ve outlined the trade-in values of the most common models for reference, but note that prices will vary based on both the model and condition of the system you’re selling.

Decluttr: A popular trade-in website that pays in cash, Decluttr is currently offering $86 for the launch PS4 and $140 for the PS4 Pro. A launch 500GB Xbox One will get you $56, with the 500GB Xbox One S going for $80 and the Xbox One X selling for $130.

Amazon: Amazon’s trade-in program allows you to trade in your PS4 or Xbox One for Amazon gift card credit. The retailer is currently offering around $70 for the launch PS4 and up to $155 for the PS4 Pro. If you’re selling an Xbox, you’ll get up to $55 for the launch Xbox One, $65 for the Xbox One S and up to $150 for the Xbox One X.

GameStop: GameStop offers more value if you’re willing to accept store credit instead of cash, making it ideal for anyone who shops frequently at the gaming mega-retailer. The company only accepts trade-ins at store locations, so plan accordingly. You can currently get $80 in cash or $100 in credit for the base PS4, and $140 in cash or $175 in credit for the PS4 Pro. On the Xbox front, GameStop offers $60 in cash or $75 in credit for the launch Xbox One, $80 in cash or $100 in credit for the Xbox One S, and $140 in cash or $175 in credit for the Xbox One X.

Best Buy: Like Amazon, Best Buy allows you to trade in your old console but only for in-store gift card credit. The retailer offers $70 for the base PS4 and up to $150 for the PS4 Pro. Xbox owners will get $40 for the launch Xbox One, $70 for the Xbox One S and $150 for the Xbox One X. Best Buy also has a special offer that allows you to get $10 toward a select PS5 or Xbox Series X game when you trade in your console at a store.

Microsoft: The Microsoft store has a trade-in program of its own, and it’s not limited to just Xbox consoles. You can get $40 for the launch Xbox One, $80 for the starting Xbox One S and $130 for the Xbox One X. If you’re trading in a Sony machine, you’ll get $68 for a launch PS4 and $130 for a PS4 Pro.

Repurpose them in a new room

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Just because your PS4 or Xbox One isn’t your main games machine anymore doesn’t mean you can’t get good use out of it at home. Both consoles double as excellent media players for watching Blu-rays or bingeing on your favorite Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video shows, making them a perfect complement to a secondary TV in your bedroom or living room. And even if you’re spending most of your time getting engrossed in PS5 games on your fancy OLED TV, you might want to cozy up with some older titles every now and then before you head to bed.

Gift or donate them


The PS4 and Xbox One still have plenty of life left in them, and you can bring some serious joy to a gamer in your life — or someone in need — by gifting or donating your old hardware. Handing an old PlayStation or Xbox down to a younger family member is a great way to get them into gaming (and will score you some serious cool points), and you’ll be able to play cross-generational titles like Fortnite and Call of Duty with them. Likewise, if Mom, Dad or a grandparent need a Blu-ray player, your PS4 or Xbox One will do the trick.

You can also do some real good by donating your console to a charity or hospital. Organizations such as Gamers Outreach provide video game stations for children’s hospitals and accept donations of games and consoles. If you’re in the UK, Get Well Gamers is an organization that accepts games and consoles and delivers them to hospitals around the country. We also recommend contacting your local hospital, library or Goodwill location to see if they accept donations.

Recycle them

If you’re not interested in selling, donating or gifting your old console, you can reduce its impact on the environment by recycling it. Best Buy will recycle your console for free, as will Microsoft if your system isn’t eligible for trade-in value. If you’re getting rid of an old Nintendo console, the company offers its own free recycling program.

Whether you decide to get some cash back or decide to gift or donate your PS4 or Xbox One to someone else, your old consoles can go a long way once you’ve upgraded to the new generation.