underscored otterbox mobile device care kit
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Have you ever looked at one of your mobile devices and cringed at the fingerprints all over it, or at the grime in the ports? Of course you have. But OtterBox has you covered with its new mobile device care kit.

For just $7.95, you can pick up the cleaning kit, which is small enough to fit in a pocket or bag, but contains a number of cleaning tools. While most kits consist of just a bottle of cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, this one includes three port brushes. You even get a stylish sticker that says “so fresh & so clean” to stick to your favorite device.

Each port brush is shaped differently to cover a variety of ports, big or small, that your device may have. More specifically, you get one with a long, thin head, one with a larger, more oval-shaped tip, and one with four sets of bristles on the end. They look like they’d be generally useful for cleaning crevices and keeping hard-to-reach areas free of dust and dirt.

In place of a bottle of solution, you get nine isopropyl alcohol towelettes. With a cleaning from a towelette, a scrubbing with the microfiber cloth and a port checkup with the brushes, you’ll have your phone looking brand new.

A notable downside to this product is the limited supply of towelettes. Nine is a nice number, but will only allow you a thorough cleaning nine times. (But of course you can buy more alcohol wipes practically anywhere.) That being said, the microfiber cloth is always useful for clearing off smudges, and the brushes should keep your ports clean for a long time to come. And a set of flat towelettes is far more portable than a bottle of liquid solution, which wouldn’t fit in such a small metal container. This way, you don’t even need to carry around a backpack or bag — just whip out the kit from your pocket and freshen up your phone or mobile device.

You can pocket one of OtterBox’s mobile device cleaning kits for $7.95. Wherever you are, don’t catch yourself carrying around a dirty phone or tablet. Keep the screen clean, and the ports too, with this convenient cleaning kit.

Note: The price above reflects the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.