underscored mophie powerstation go
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Mophie is well known for its charging accessories, but you haven’t seen one before like the Powerstation Go. It combines a power bank, multiple ports and even a flashlight into one device — plus, it doubles as a jump-starter for full-sized cars and SUVs. Mophie has taken the finesse of a multipurpose universal battery and thrown in the jolt needed to get your car started.

The Powerstation Go will be available for $159.95 directly from mophie.com on January 9. Or you can score it now for $109.99 from HSN.com. It takes a lot of what Mophie does well and puts it together in one device. And then there’s the obvious twist that makes this product even more interesting.

The Go has two USB-A ports and an AC power outlet. Don’t be afraid to plug in more than one device to the USB ports — it can handle it. You can expect a lot of power out of the AC power outlet too, 65 watts to be exact. It can also provide Qi-enabled wireless charging for mobile devices and laptops with up to 5 watts of output. As a little bonus, it includes an LED flashlight too.

But the big bonus is its power to jump-start full-sized cars and SUVs with the included mini-jumper cables. You can keep it in a small bag or your glove compartment for anything in your life that’s running low on power, even your car.

You can get the Mophie Powerstation Go now for $109.99 on HSN.com, and it will launch on January 9 from mophie.com for $159.95. It comes in a variety of colors: black, vivid blue, rose gold, blue/purple, camo and gold.

Mophie is well known for all things portable power, such as its sizable inventory of battery cases for iPhone and Android. It’s also made our lists in the past, such as when we compiled some recommendations for TSA-approved battery packs. And for those of you interested in wireless charging, the brand has made a good impression there too.

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